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bendarby24 05-01-2011 02:32 PM

TSL BEN.DS rebalances mod 2.0
this rebalances mod rebalances the game to make it more harder and make TSL feel like a game. It has some restored content in it. this mod was made from HaVoKeR Ultimate Balancing Mod who so kindly let me have a starting point from that, but this mod is nothing like that now.
this mod is Unique because it Restores the tabletop Force progression system into KotOR 2.
Paragon created it in a different mod but did not Restore all off the system.

The SW:RPG tabletop system is being used here, The original system of Force Powers had three. Control, Sense and Alter. Then you had Force effects, which were gained by using these three powers.
The use of these powers, their icons, etc. are restored content. you get to pick these at levaling up in the force power section. different classes will get different one to pick with e.g. concerlers will get control first.

this mod workes well with heroes of the old rebublic saber mod what only workes with tslrcm mod.

OTHER CHANGES: this make the game more harder and make the classes seem more Realistic, changes the party members stats to make them more usful.
also you can create more items in the workbench to help you (after you reach level 16 you can create light sabers) it makes the bosses much more stronger (you will have to use med packs and sheilds).
the grenades and rockets are more powerful now, mines will now will damage you and your party members.

changes made:
1.1: fixs some bugs and comaptiblitiy issus with tslcrm
2.0:made so new difacalte levels and made the game more rebalenced becaue i made it to hard on easy and median difficalte levels also i have bosted a lot of weapons what effect you and your enemay also Combat will go faster then usall and finaly at level 16 you can make light sabers at the work bench.

donloud it at deadly streams:

Wrathan 05-02-2011 12:37 AM

wow....sounds great. Can't wait to give it whirl!

bendarby24 05-02-2011 03:29 AM

thanks its good to hire that because im new to moding :)

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