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Blix 06-07-2011 10:59 PM

Anchorhead Drive
~Cast of of Characters~

*Revan/Cay -Amnesiac
*Alek/Malak -Aspiring Actor
*Bastila Shan- Director
*Atton - Bastila's assistant
*HK47 - Hitman
*(Male) Exile as Revan 2 (Blond Revan)
*Kreia - Diner Bum
*Mical (Disciple) - The Magician at the club
*Brianna (Handmaiden) - Prostitute
*Carth Onasi - Neurotic guy
*Atris - The Cowgirl
*Vandar Tokare - Mr. Roque
*Helena Shan "Coco" - Director's Mother
*Hanharr - Mafia thug
*Juhani - Club Singer
*Yarna - Fat office lady
*Dustil Onasi - Janitor
*Bao Dur - Office hippie guy
*Mira - Therapist
*Vrook - Old man
*Krynda Draay - Old woman (Irene)

A limousine speeder glides across the golden sand dunes of Tatooine deep into the night, an auburn-haired man sits in the backseat of the limo-speeder anticipating his destination. Several miles ahead, out of sight a speeder filled with rowdy Gamorrean raiders blazes through the night beyond the acceptable speed limit.

The limousine speeder comes to a grinding halt just outside of and abandoned Sand People enclave.
"Why have we stopped? We don't stop here!" The man barked from the backseat.
A wookie thug (Hanharr) looked back at him and growled; "Get out!"
Just then the speeder full of rowdy Gamorreans drunk off of Telosian Ale crashes headfirst into the limousine-speeder, causing the man in the backseat to hit his head against the side of the interior.
After a moment had passed, the man pushed open the limousine door and fell to the ground, flames spewed from the combined wreckage of the limo-speeder and the colliding one. The man staggered to his feet and examined his surroundings, he felt himself for any visible trace of damage and realized that the top right corner of his head was moist; blood from the impact of the collision no doubt. The man adjusted his composure to the best of his ability, he was not sure who he was or where he was but he knew that he needed to find help, or just a place to lay and sleep for a while. The man began a long trek down the sandy dunes, lights were visible in the distance and a sign reading: "Anchorhead 2 miles" was in plain sight. The man decided to find himself in Anchorhead, wherever or whatever that was.

====More to come soon!====

machievelli 06-10-2011 01:48 AM


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