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Sith Holocron 06-20-2011 10:18 AM

[KOTOR/TSL] Mandalorian Ships
With the exception of Mandalore's Basilisk fighter in TSL - it actually looking like a clone Xizor's Virago starfighter - there doesn't appear to be any other Mandalorian craft in K1 or TSL. With all of the Mandalorians running around here on the forums, I'm actually surprised no one has requested a capital ship or fighter "for the clans." Has any one created a model of any Mandalorian spaceship? I'm sure such a thing would be welcomed as an asset for both KotOR and TSL.

I imagine such models added into Silveredge9's BOS: Solomon's Revenge or Canderis' Canderous' Glory mod would spice things up. Those wishing to create new BIK movies involving space scenes might also enjoy some variety using such things.

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