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Canderis 07-11-2011 08:27 PM

Total Conversion Read First!
Written by logan23

Edited by: VarsityPuppet.

Before you think about creating a TC mod, you must consider all of these points before you commit to such a large-scale mod.

1. You must be willing to do 98 percent of all the work.

2. You will need to know how to script, create uti, waypoints, triggers, utcs, utp, utd and place them in game along with making them function properly in-game.

3. You need to be able to connect modules together.

4. Expect the only help you will get is advice, some tip on scripting and some skinners.

5 This will take at least 2 years to build.

6. You will have to make sacrifices where you choose to mod over doing real life things that are both enjoyable or necessary.

7. You will be doing all the boring and tedious things like lipsyncing and managing all your game assets.

8. You will need to be able give up cool ideas due to production time or because they will derail your game’s story.

9. You must be prepared to just use original kotor1/2 modules as is or re skinned.

10. You must decide whether or not your TC will be voiced. Human Voice Over, can make or break the quality of your mod, depending on whether or not the VOs are actually good. Giving Alien VO to every NPC having dlg of some type is not going to get a favorable response, but neither is silence.

11. Make sure there are many choices in the game and multiple endings. If the story has one ending then make it into a fan fiction.

12. When you lose interest with the project or get frustrated will you still continue with the same passion and dedication you had in the beginning?

I repeat this will take 2 years and you must be prepared to do the project on your own!

Again this is for anyone who would like to build a mod this size.

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