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annihilator59 08-10-2011 12:41 AM

help with gun model please (its white)
so, i made a model of a gun i want to put in kotor. I made a .tga skin and applied it to the model. Then i put a box modifier on it and got the texture looking rite. I did all of the mdlops stuff to get the rite files and i put them in my override folder along the .tga skin. i opened kotor, equipped my new item, and when i close my inventory screen and go try to check out my model it is just plain white!!!! i cant seem to figure out what im doing wrong so can someone help me or tell me what im doing wrong so i can fix it?

Darth InSidious 08-12-2011 10:31 AM

Hi annihilator, welcome to Holowan! :waive1:

Before I can help, I could do with a few details, like what you used to model this: g/3dsmax, sketchup, maya... ? Around these parts, 3ds/gmax is the more normal choice, so some advice may not apply if you've used a different programme.

Secondly, have you had a look in the modelling and skinning tutorials section?

Also, have you checked that the filename of the .tga matches the texture name-references in your model file?

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