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Darth Foreman 08-13-2011 12:44 PM

Yet another "Getting info for servers" issue for JA
Okay, I'm sure the good people who preside over this board are sick to death of people complaining about how multiplayer won't work because the server-loading process seems to be frozen in digital carbonite. I've seen lots of threads where people have this issue, but so far have not seen a fix that works for me. Here's why:

I have a MacBook, and am running JA (v1.0.3e) thanks to the good people at aspyr from whom I downloaded it last night. I was running JA Multiplayer just fine until about 10 minutes ago when I accidentally clicked "Get New List" instead of "Refresh List." Then the server list went blank and the "getting info for servers" started flashing at the bottom of the screen like the boulder before Sisyphus' despairing gaze.

Things that are not the issue:
* I have Internet (not LAN) selected.
* I'm not running a firewall, and there's no filter issue (Other MP games still work just fine)
* I have a working, fast internet connection
* I have not installed any new software which could possibly cause this to happen

Things I can't do to fix this:
* Use 3rd party sites (such as which require the user to download and execute .exe files (I do not have a version of windows to install in bootcamp.)
* Find anyone who addresses this issue in terms that make sense to an OSX-user who has never used windows save under extreme duress.

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