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Kaeril 09-03-2011 08:18 PM

Bound (The Rawrcast guild) Empire side
Bound, the guild community from Rawrcast, is coming to The Old Republic on the Empire side to play with like minded people that have helped enhance the fun we get from World of Warcraft. While not our main focus, we will be taking a dedicated yet casual approach to the game. We're a 21+ guild full of people, some of which can act 12, from a wide variety of playstyles and walks of life, yet we somehow mesh to create the community that has thrived since 2009. In game events, pvp, casual raiding, a general love for gaming and maybe even the occasional game of "Pin the Tail on the Pinnick." OK, that last one is more of a wish but a guy can dream right? We may not be the smartest, hardest working, healthiest, best smelling bunch of people but.... Come to think of it, that makes us sound like complete morons.

I think Stumpalina summed up the guild best recently with, "It is our collective in-game family, full of cranky old coots, rednecks, Yankees, Canadians, Mexicans, bikers, tattooed rebels, Military heroes, trained killers, potheads, cocktail afficionatos, their mothers and girlfriends, gay lovers, and Owlbear. Every night is a family reunion."

You can visit our SWTOR guild page at -
And our community site at to say hi at the SWTOR app section so we know who you are. Careful with Clawrunner, he likes to lick.

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