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Aunvyrae 09-14-2011 08:36 PM

Modding KotoR/TSL
So, I'm looking to do quite a bit of mod work for my copy of KotoR, and later on probably TSL.

I just wanna make sure of the files I need to use while doing this.

--Upgradeable Equipment--
Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, and Armor, I should just have to edit the .uti file, correct? (As in, add in properties and what upgrade material, if any, is required.)

Or is there another file that needs to be altered to specify the item as being upgradeable?

For this, I have some idea about what is needed.
I have to use UpCrystals.2da in order to add the saber .uti file, along with the crystal used.

--New Lightsaber Upgrades--
For this, I need Upgrade.2da, to add new items, and their info from .uti?

The one thing throwing me so far is for dual-crystals. I'm pretty sure it requires a script. As I have yet to see anything regarding it in the lightsaber.uti files, at least.

By this, I mean Crystal A does -this- and Crystal B does -that-.
However, when both A and B are present in a saber, they instead do -this-.
I've looked, but can't for the life of me figure which script it uses.

Any help would be appreciated.

Aunvyrae 09-14-2011 09:38 PM

On a side note, I also wanted to look into modding Droid Plating for T3-M4, and HK-47.

If I use appearance.2da, could I do this? I wanted different styles of plating for the various copies of light/medium/heavy plating.

Qui-Don Jorn 09-14-2011 10:14 PM


For this, I have some idea about what is needed.
I have to use UpCrystals.2da in order to add the saber .uti file, along with the crystal used.

--New Lightsaber Upgrades--
For this, I need Upgrade.2da, to add new items, and their info from .uti?
dual crystals?? huh?
you mean the power crystals?

Aunvyrae 09-15-2011 10:35 AM

Ah, maybe I was just confused on it. It had been a while since looking.

I may have been thinking of the special altered effects from Darth Bandon's saber.

I could almost swear that when two specific power crystals were used together, their effects modified each other.

But perhaps I'm mistaken.

Qui-Gon Glenn 09-15-2011 02:05 PM

^^^ This is the case with the HotG and MotF crystals, as their properties morph depending on the crystal they pair with.

I am not sure if this is a scripted thing or not....

harIII 09-15-2011 03:32 PM

It's been a long time since I've played with weapon properties but it may be possible to make an "upgrade" to take affect if the HotG or MotF crystals. Such as +5 damage for dark side characters if HotG crystal is equipped.

Aunvyrae 09-16-2011 11:15 AM

Oh, I know how to work that.

UpCrystals.2da governs each "lightsaber", it's got lines for every special color crystal that allows for upgrade. And links to the .uti files for the short/normal/double sabers that are formed when that specific crystal is applied/assembled on a workbench.

This is why Darth Bandon's saber cannot be changed, ie "don't remove the red crystal" if you get it. Because the crystal you get is just a common red crystal. And putting any other crystal in the hilt, which is for a normal saber, will revert it to the base item as listed in UpCrystal.2da.

The two PC-only color crystals are exactly the same. They have their own separate item .uti's, and a line each in UPCrystal.2da.

As far as properties, you edit those in each of the .uti for lightsabers. The HotG and MoF ones are different than the rest. That's why the effects are different. It's just as simple as altering the property in the item file.

What I meant, though, was for two power crystals to affect one another. Like Solari gives one thing, Bondar gives another. But use them together, and the effect is altered slightly. Like they are working for, or against, one another.

It's of little importance. If it can't be done, it's no big deal. I have several plans I'd like to put into effect for lightsabers.

1) Unique Saber Hilts/Crystals
I liked how you could get Bandon's saber, but not that it is just a temporary thing. Makes it feel like a glitch.

So I was thinking of taking the crystals and creating a special one, to put in Bandon's saber. That could allow for upgrades, with the effects generated by Bandon's saber.

Along that line, I want to do the same for Uthar and Yuthura, and possibly design a hilt for Revan. ((If I were better at this, I'd have it "tucked away" in HK-47, just like R2 in Return of the Jedi, as Revan's backup hilt. That you can receive after fully repairing HK-47, but that's a bit beyond me.))

2) Differences between Short/Normal/Double Sabers
I thought about this yesterday. So far the main difference I've seen is their damage output. I wanted to alter them a bit further, though. So each type has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

Short: They are shorter, so it's a bit harder to reach your opponent, but at the same time they are more maneuverable and easier to defend with. (-1 Attack Rolls, +1 Defense)

Normal: These are unchanged.

Double: Because of their length and nature, they are harder to defend with. You have to be more cautious while using them, so that while you are deflecting that blaster bolt, you don't slice off your foot, or into a party member. (-2 Defense)

I think those are rather minor alterations, but would translate well into how you played. Another alteration is in how the power crystals work.

I was thinking of expanding on what I listed above in terms of crystal effects.
Short Saber: Attack Roll crystals = Less, Defense Crystals = More
Double Saber: Defense Crystals = Less, Damage Crystals = More

So if a crystal was +2 AB, in a short saber it might only offer +1 AB. But at the same time, if that crystal offered +1 to Defense, you would receive +2 to Defense. Further increasing what the hilts already stand for.

This is just something I've been speculating about. If I put it in, it'd mostly be for my own purposes. To try and broaden out lightsabers and make each type useful in specific ways.

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