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McClure777 10-20-2011 02:07 AM

Star Wars: Duel of Fates Chapter 7
Gannor gasped in pain, the sound escaping through his helmet. He reached for the throbbing pain in his left rib cage, he felt that his armor had been penetrated there, he slowly turned his head to look at his rib, a large metal pole was imbedded in his side, he had no idea where the pole may have come from, but he was not able to think to clearly due to the immense pain which was bringing him nearer to blacking out. "Gannor," A feeble voice called out through the dark cockpit, only dim red emergency lights were lit. Gannor could not reply, he only moaned outloud a little louder so his ally could find him. "I'm coming Gannor," Gannor saw the man stumble over his own chair and saw Gannor laying on his back wedged between the two seats. "Oh and here you are laying down?!" Arthur teased. Gannor chuckled which was a bad idea, the vibrations shot out streams of crimson blood from his side. Arthur noticed and gasped, "Your hurt!" Gannor sighed, "Tell me some thing i don't know!" "We need to get out of the ship," Arthur stated. Arthur pushed the seats away so he could grab Gannor and lift him to his feet, Arthur put Gannor's right arm over his shoulders and they slowly made their way to the ramp. The process took nearly a hour due to Gannor's serious injury, they both stared around, searching the area for any sign of life. "Where are we?" Arthur asked, "We're on one of the moon's of River." Arthur stared at the 7'0 murky trees, he got the feeling that they were staring back at him oddly, he shook off the feeling and sat Gannor near a dwarf tree. "I'm going to get fire wood, will you be alright?" Gannor nodded and rested his head back on the sap drowned trunk. Later that night, Gannor and Arthur sat close to a burning camp fire, the fire was giving off a sweet smell due to the sap that was on the branch's. "What food and supply's made it?" Gannor asked. "Well we have a little food, maybe enough for two rations each, should last a couple days if we're careful, a couple smaller weapons made it along with a rifle and a blow up raft. "We have a blow up raft?" Gannor inquired. "Yep." "When did i get that?" Arthur shruged and said, "Beautiful moon, reminds me of endor. Gannor looked around, staring high up at the tree tops, the thick green leafs concealed the sparkling night sky from sight, several leafs would fall down into the fire, and not burn. "That's amazing, look at that, its directly in the fire and it does not burn!" Arthur exclaimed. Gannor too found it intriguing, "Think there's any people here?" "Any locals that could help with repairs?" Gannor shook his head, "I doubt it, during the crash i didn't see any citys. Arthur gaped at Gannor, "Why haven't you bandaged up that wound yet?!" Gannor looked down at his side, "We don't have any bandages." Arthur looked afraid, "None made it?" Gannor chuckled, "Appearently a blow up raft can make it but a bandage can't eh?" Both men laughed. "Well we should get some rest, i'll take first watch." Gannor said, But arthur shook his head at him and said, "No your hurt, i'll take the first watch, you get some rest." "Suit your self." Gannor said. And with in moments sleep took Gannor.

Gannor's Camp, several hours after the crash.

Gannor was fast asleep, as was Arthur. Both men grunted and snored in their sleep, Gannor still in his full armor set. Neither of the men how ever, knew of the horrible monsters that lurked in the dark trees of the forest. Gannor awoke to several sounds that resembled small pattering feet. Gannor lifted him self up slowly and looked around and with horror he noticed how he was surrounded by small, hairy, monkys. Their little green eyes shined up at him, he stared back for several moments, wondering if this was a dream. "Uh Arthur," Arthur did not awaken, "Arthur you lazy ass wake up!" Arthur awoke with a jerk, yawned and sat up. Gannor a couple seconds later saw the same face appear on his face as well. They looked at each other, then back at the army of creatures. "Well hello there!" Arthur said loudly, Gannor knew this was a most horrible mistake the moment it happened, the monky's in unison charged the two men. "Ah!" Arthur yelled as several monkys lept on top of his chest and started punching him furiously. Gannor too had several monkys on top of him, but they instead were trying to claw and bite their way through his armor, "Get these bloody things off of us!" Arthur shouted. Gannor lept to his feet ignoring the pain in his ribs, grabbed a monky and threw it into a tree, it mearly got back up and charged him again undazed. Arthur wrestled to his feet, punching and kicking at the monkys, he rushed towards Gannor and helped him get the stragglers off. But then a single monky lept into the air and smacked right into Arthur's face, "Ah!" Arthur screamed as he fell to the ground. Gannor rushed over and attempted to pry the monky off of his companion's face but before he could a dozen monkys lept onto his back, throwing him to the ground. together they fought off the monkys, blood now oozing from Arthur's lip, "Furry little monsters!" Gannor shouted as one attempted to bite off his finger. He threw the monky into several others, stumbled to his feet and pulled on Arthur's hand, trying to do the same for him. The task was difficult due to Arthur being quickly buried by a swarm of monkys, "Help me!" Arthur cryed out franticly. "Where are you?!" Gannor shouted desperately, Arthur shot out his right hand through the dog pile of monkys towards the heavens, Gannor grabbed his hand and pulled with all his might, dragging Arthur to his feet. Gannor ripped the monkys off of Arthur's chest and face, Arthur got the rest. They both gasped for air and rested on each other, they both noticed after several seconds that the monkys had ceased their attack. They looked and saw the army of monkys now lined up, readying for the final charge. "My God man we're getting beaten up by monkys!" Arthur said. The monkys charged, Arthur and Gannor braced them selfs for their "death by monky" situation but right as the monkys reached them a thunderous blast shook the forest floor, the monkys all cryed out in fear and bolted towards the trees. They turned around to see where the blast had come from and they saw to their delight a group of people. The people were dressed in rags, holding spears, they were no doubt locals to this planet, tribesmen looking. "Come with us outsiders!" A small man barked, "If you want to live!" The group raised their spears, pointing directly at Gannor and Arthur...

I hope you enjoyed chapter 7 of Duel of Fates!

The same rules apply to this chapter as in the rest of the book.

The advanture continues soon!

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read again

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