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elSpaan 12-05-2011 08:39 PM

REQUEST: blue/greenscreen-map
hey there!

my name is spaan - and i have a big problem.

a friend of mine had the idea to make a short starwars-fan-movie. we plan to film a lightsaber duel (him and me fighting), and make intro and outro using jka (recording ingame scenes).

right. and as these "ingame scenes" also include spacecraft flying through space, a very large blue-/green-screen-map is indispensable.

i read about an almost mythical map called "megabluescreen-map".
and i spent a lot of time searching it - but, as you will have guessed, i couldn't find it.

well, my question is:
is there anyone who still has that map (or a similar one)?
and would you make it available for me?

please, after months of searching and asking, i'm quite despaired.
i'll appreciate any advice!

thanks & greetings from austria!

Tinny 12-07-2011 12:21 PM

For this map, it doesn't require any architecture or anything.. but a bigggggggg solid blue box where even the sky is blue (or green)?

If so hahaha, i think i can help map that.

elSpaan 12-07-2011 08:46 PM

well, yeah, we need a huge unicolour box, without anything in it.
man, it would really be a big help if you did us that favour!
i've been searching the wide wide web for a large blue/greenscreen-map for months. incredibly enough, it seems like that there aren't any left out there...

alright, if you don't mind, i'll tell you more. excuse my english, please!

what we'd like to do is film a spacecraft entering the scene flying over the cam (from behind to front), until it nearly disappears as a small dot in the distance. you see, the map must be very large.
the purpose is to replace the unicolour background with a "starfield & near planet"-scenery, as seen in various starwars-vessel-entering-atmosphere-scenes...

so of course, we should be able to spawn & take off with a spacecraft.
and thus, clear light coming from one direction would give the impression of a far sun best.

as to the colour - there are 6 jka unicolour-textures (assets1/textures/colors) which seem useful to me. i guess that one usually uses blue or green; but besides, in the filefront-forum, people told me that it is possible to integrate a button (for example, on the wall next to the spawning point) which would allow you to toggle between various colours (bluescreen, greenscreen etc.).

but sorry, i admit, i have no idea of mapping, and still little idea of jka-movie-making. and i don't know how much work it means to realize my ideas.
so please forgive me, in case that i'm talking rubbish here...

alright - enough.
just ask me if you have any doubts!
and thanks-a-lot in advance, mate, in case you really wanna do that for me!

Tinny 12-14-2011 01:11 PM

The negatives:

- it's all solid blue, no panel to change colors (don't have much mapping skillz :( )

- there are dark lines near the top i can't get rid of that run along the length of it, but they are black, if you have a stationary scene i don't think it should be a problem if you map a starfield over the blue screen

- since it's solid blue it's hard to make out how far away everything is, you might wanna spawn an x-wing and fly around the map and shoot stuff to see map size

- no one directional lighting (wouldn't that cause a gradient change in the blue that makes it harder to use as a bluescreen?)


-added map file to if people can fix the glitches above they are welcome to

elSpaan 12-14-2011 08:36 PM

hey, thanks, thanks a lot, man!
the first real success, after so many months of searching, snooping, requesting and begging!


the map's cool, really!
and we'll surely be able to handle the "negatives" you mentioned!

i don't think that these black lines will be a big problem. and the option for ingame colour-changing would be a neat side-effect, but blue will do.
by the way, there is one-directional-lightning; it comes from one of the walls that the black lines point to.

so thanks again, that was a great pre-christmas-surprise!
it's far more that i was still expecting, after all.

:sheepdanc :monkey4:

nevertheless... if you should come across a solution for these black lines or the colour-changing-option, i'd be very interested to see it! besides, could your map be "broader" and "higher"? i mean, like a huge, hollow cube?

but sorry - i don't want to seem unhumble!
thanks a lot for making your map public.
maybe anyone else has got some ideas!

Tinny 12-14-2011 11:58 PM

Sure, if you can give a rough estimate of how much broader or higher scale/percentage wise. I think it should be easily doable.

elSpaan 12-15-2011 10:35 PM

you could do that?
i mean, i have no idea of mapping, and i don't know how much work these changes would implicate for you...


well, i'll just talk at large...

maybe... triple the length of the "black-line-wall" (which is the longest one in your map). and then, take this new length value for the breadth and for the height.
we'd get an enormous blue cube!

is that complicated to realize?

i just guess that such a huge map would give us much more freedom for filming, as to the black-line-problem (because the ceiling would be very high, in that case), and as to light incidence.

Tinny 12-27-2011 01:42 PM

Just letting you know i haven't ignored this. Busy with work/Christmas shopping, etc. When i try to make a map this big i'm getting safe_malloc errors. So googleing for solutions. Let me know if you still need this.

Tinny 12-27-2011 02:31 PM

pros: -considerably bigger in all directions
-black lines gone away

cons: -lighting effects (the one directional lighting) gone away, map refused to compile with higher settings for map this big

elSpaan 12-27-2011 05:25 PM

hey, merry christmas!
thanks for not forgetting me!
well, i don't know what to say. your map is really enormous now, and almost perfect for us! as you mentioned, the lighting is the only thing that hasn't changed.
so if you - somehow, somewhen - should find a possibility to create that direct, clear, strong light... even groovier that would be!

but don't get me wrong, please!
just as it is, it's much much more than i could have expected. it's brilliant, and will surely meet our needs!

thank you very much!
:drink1: :guiness:
i owe you one!

ds615 02-12-2012 11:35 PM

Why are you not using a solid color Skybox shader for this?
It would be simple to set up, it would prevent the edge lines, and it would be easy to add a sunlight coming from a particular point.

for that matter, it would be pretty easy to add the starfiled and planets to the skybox. I assume you wish to use the map to film many different locations, so that's why you need the blue/green screen?

Compile the map with the -lomem switch to avoid the malloc errors. Unless you already are, in which case I would guess it's the texture coord out of range that is causing it. Also easily fixed.

Zhaboka 05-11-2013 09:04 PM

Tinny, any chance you could re-upload your PK3 of this map? The Dropbox link doesn't work anymore.

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