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Chevron 7 locke 01-23-2012 02:02 AM

Magical Strike Force S: What Remains
((First off, this story would not have been possible without Shana who created the Rp that this story is based off of. I did the basic story writitng and then it was sent to her so she could correct the grammer errors and other small things. I've been wanting to write a story like this for quite awhile and I'm glad she agreed to work with me on it.))

My name is Kai...and I am one of the last remaining members of Elite division 9. As far as I know, there are only three of us left out of the entire division. It wasn't always like this. At one time there were more of us...but we lost many friends when our headquarters were destroyed. Now we're being hunted by Doctor Hyman's creations as the only ones who pose a risk to his plans.

Kai slowly walked through the ruins of the city and sighed heavily as he looked around at the devastation around him. He had seen destroyed cities before and he had seen the destructive power held by Doctor Hyman a hundred times before but it never got any easier.

" Shana still holding up alright back there?" He called back to a girl who was a bit shorter than him. Hizuni had been an orphan that Kai had adopted as a sister years ago, before Doctor Hyman's creations had brought destruction to the worlds of the Federation.

"Her wounds are bad, but it looks like she'll be okay Onii-chan. She put a good fight when they managed to find us. How soon until we can find some bandages?" Hizuni asked as she continued to carry Shana on her back. Shana had been wounded during the last attack and to be fair, Kai had been pretty badly beaten himself. Hizuni had been forced to be retreat while carrying both of them and to find a place to hide while they both recovered. Unfortunately, Shana was still out cold. She had taken a blast of pure magical energy at close range and for a few hours Kai wasn't sure she would survive but she was strong. And she had eventually recovered enough that she was out of the danger zone.

“What remains of the hospital is a few miles away.” Kai said quietly as his eyes searched the sky just in case anymore of Doctor Hyman's creations had managed to find them in the ruins of the city. He sighed in relief when he didn't see anything. With most of the interstellar craft destroyed they were stuck on this world with them. “We should be there soon.”

“Good. The blood is starting to leak through the bandages and I think she's starting to wake up. If she wakes up fully she's going to be in a lot of pain.” Hizuni said quietly as they continued walking. It had been a few months since Doctor Hyman's creations had been let loose upon the worlds of the federation and for all Kai knew the three of them were the last survivors left on the planet. He could still remember the final battle that they had fought with Captain Terranova and Captain Juno Aika along with the rest of the division.


“Kai! Hit him with you Triforce shot!” Captain Terranova's voice cut through the chaos of the battle as she easily batted aside two of Doctor Hyman's creations with her own weapon.

Kai nodded back and his sword began to change shape and turned into a cannon. “Triforce shot!” Kai shouted. His device flashed once and responded. “Triforce shot ready.”

Kai took careful aim at one of the creatures that they had come to call the Alphabet mages. Solders infused with artifical magic. He smiled as Captain Terranova managed to slam into one of them and knocked it out of the battle formation and stunned it for a moment.

The barrel of the cannon began to glow and a powerful stream of red energy shot out and sent the artificial mage flying backwards into a wall. Kai was focusing all of his magic into the attack and finally let it up when the creature dissolved as the stream of magic finally broke through its defenses and disintegrated it.

“One down!” He shouted out to Terranova who had just finished off her own foe. Kai took a quick look over at Shana and Hizuni who were holding their own against another one of the solders. Terranova flew over to him and motioned him forward. “We're close to breaking through their front lines but we don't have much time left! For all we know, artificial mage Z could be activated at any moment! If that thing wakes up we're going to be in deep trouble!”

Kai nodded and took a look over at Hizuni and Shana and noticed that they had managed to disable their opponent with some well placed strikes. “Hizuni! He shouted out urgently. “Cover me!”

“Hold on Onii-chan!” The girl shouted back as she activated her advanced form and flew above Kai. She quickly targeted one of the soldiers coming at him and hit it with her Holy light beam attack sending the solder flying back. Kai brought his sword against the various enemies coming at him and deflected their attacks as he finally managed to punch their front lines. He could see the building where project Z was being worked on.

Almost there...Kai thought as he jumped into the air and ran at the building just as the building ahead of him began to glow with an unholy light.

“Kai!” Terranova's voice came through the comm device. “We're too late. Zeus has been activated! We need to fall back and come up with another strategy!”

No time...He thought urgently. If this project had just been activated then it was possible it was still weak and could be taken out with a powerful enough attack.

He could hear Terranova shouting at him from the comm device but he didn't respond. If his plan worked then at the expense of his life many more would be saved. Shana's life.

Goodbye Shana...he thought sadly.

The walls of the building collapsed around a single figure that was standing in the middle of the ruins. Kai landed and ran as quickly as he could at the remains of the building just as the figure raised its arm and a thunderous voice echoed across the battlefield. think you stand a chance against me?!

“Dark Cannon!” Kai shouted as he prepared his ultimate attack. “Dark cannon ready.” The device answered. “Fire!”

“Damn right I do!” Kai shouted back as the project was hit by the beam and a cloud of debris were kicked up. Kai honestly thought for a moment that he had stopped the project or had at least slowed it down. That thought quickly was replaced by fear as he saw a beam of pure golden light come flying out of the debris cloud and slammed into both him and Hizuni.

Oh god...It hurts! Kai thought in pure agony as he was sent flying back along with Hizuni into a wall. The wall didn't even slow them down as they went directly through it and continued on until they landed at the feet of Shana and Terranova.

“I...I'm sorry.” He whispered to Shana and Terranova as his world went black.

Flashback ends

He had later learned that Captain Terranova and Captain Aika had bought them the time that they needed to escape with their lives as they had fought against Project Z. Now as far as Kai knew...they were the last survivors of the division. But he still held onto a slight glimmer of hope that they would find more survivors and eventually be able to stop the projects.

Kai looked towards the sky and sighed again as they came close to the hospital. “Come looks like the hospital is still in one piece...well, mostly one piece.”

The group of three had finally found a place to rest for the night. Kai looked over at Shana and sighed again.

I hope that one day...I can make the world safe for you once again...he thought sadly.

Chevron 7 locke 01-23-2012 06:04 PM

My name is Hizuni...and my Onii-chan Kai always told me never to lose hope. But as we travel across the this shattered world I can't help but wonder...Is there any hope left in this world? The projects that Doctor Hymen created have destroyed nearly everything and left the world with only a few defenders including myself. So as we travel across the world I constantly ask myself the same question:

Is there any hope left in this ruined world?

The sounds of combat echoing through the ruined city instantly brought Kai out of a deep sleep. Almost instantly he was on his feet and his battleworn device began to glow in readiness. Hizuni rolled over on her side and then a moment later her eyes opened wide and she quickly got on her feet. She put a hand down next to her device as it began to glow with readiness as well.

Kai put a finger up to his lips motioning for her to stay quiet. He took a quick look over at Shana who's left arm was wrapped in bandages. She was still sleeping but Kai had been seeing signs that she might wake up soon. Before he had fallen asleep he had heard her muttering in her sleep and her device was glowing faintly and not flashing anymore which he took as a good sign. But if the projects had found them as he feared then they would be in deep trouble. Kai was still tired and Hizuni couldn't hold off one of the projects on her own.

But if the three of them were here...then who was fighting outside?

"Stay here with Shana." He said quietly as he looked down at his device. "If I don't come back within an hour I want you to stay low and wait for whatever it is to move on. After that, grab as many supplies as you can and find somwhere else to hide. If what I suspect is true then they may have discovered where we're hiding."

"Isn't it possible that whoever is fighting out there is an ally Onii-chan?"

"It's unlikely. For all we know it could be some sort of manuver to draw us out into the open. Remember, stay here."

Hizuni nodded and took up a position next to Shana as Kai quietly but quickly moved outside and looked towards the sky where the sound of the battle were coming from. He couldn't really see any of the people fighting but there were bright flashs of light filling the sky. He could hear shouts of anger and fear echoing through the skies.

A sudden beam of light shot straight up into the sky. Kai's eyes widened in suprise and shock and disbelief. That beam of light was familiar, in fact he knew it could only belong to one person but that person was dead...she had died buying time for Hizuni, Kai and Shana to escape.

It can't be...But if it is...then I need to help!

For the first time in a long time, a genuine smile appeared on his face as he heard something that he hadn't heard in a long time.

"Holy Light Buster!"

The words were quickly followed by another massive blast of magical energy shot into the air, only this time Kai heard a shout of despair and a scream of fear and then silence.

Kai's smile quickly turned to a frown. All that was there was silence. No sounds or anything. Kai listened for a moment and then heard a thud as something hit the ground. Kai instantly ran towards the area where he had heard the thud. Was it possible that it was her? That she had somehow survived and found them only to be taken down by a project?

No! It's not fair! Kai thought as he ran and after a few minutes of running saw two figures laying on the ground in heaps. One of them was covered in dark red armor and it had a large hole in it's chest . Kai took a closer look and checked to see if it still had a pulse.

No pulse. Kai sighed in relief. If this thing was a project then it was dead and there was one less project around to cause mayhem and destruction

He quickly turned and took a quick look at the second figure that had hit the ground. He could tell instantly that this was a female. She had medium length hair but she had hit the ground on her stomach and was holding her side in pain. Kai thought about turning her over but she was apparently in a lot of pain.

"Captain Terranova?" He asked quietly. "Captain's me. It's Kai."

The figure continued holding her side and as Kai took a closer look at her wound he could instantly tell that it was a bad one. She was bleeding badly from her side and it looked as if she was slipping in and out of consciousness. He thought for a moment on what to do and a sudden idea came to mind. He took off his jacket and gently wrapped it around her wound and picked her up in his arms. When he saw the figure's face he had to work hard to keep tears coming from his eyes.

It was Captain Terranova and she looked like she had gone through hell. Her face was covered in cuts and bruises and there were a few scars across her face. Kai's mind was working overtime as he tried to think of what to do next. He had to get her to the hospital that much was obvious but how could he treat injuries like that ones that the Captain had sustained?

"Hold on Captain." He said quietly as he took off towards the hospital as quickly as he could without putting the captain in any more pain then she was already obviously in. He could hear her muttering and her eyes were clenching. "Can't be...your dead. A trick...some sort of one survived."

"Hold on." He said again quietly as he continued moving towards the hospital. "Your going to be alright. I promise you you'll be alright. We just need to get you to the hospital. Hopefully your sister is awake by now. She knows more about injuries then I do."

"Shana..." Terranova muttered again and her eyes finally opened slightly. "Kai? You can't be here...your dead. You died after project Z was released. This is some sort of trick."

"I assure you...It's not a trick." Kai said gently as they finally reached the hospital. He could see movement through one of the shattered remains of the windows. "Hizuni!" He called out. "Get the medkit, we have somebody who was injured! Is Shana awake?"

"She just woke up a few minutes ago Onii-chan." Hizuni's voice answered back. "She's still a little out of it but she seems okay except for the arm."

Kai quickly walked into the hospital and gently set Terranova down on a blanket that Hizuni had placed on the ground. "Bring Shana out here. This is someone I bet she'll be glad to see." Kai said as he grabbed some bandages and begant to work on the captain's wound on her side.

"She's on her way Captain." Kai said quietly as he continued to bandage her wound even as he heard the door behind him open. He heard a gasp and smiled slightly. He knew who it was.

"Shana...Look who we found."

machievelli 01-25-2012 10:09 PM


Chevron 7 locke 04-15-2012 08:56 PM

My name is Shana and right now I can't believe what I'm seeing. Until now I thought that Kai and Hizuni were the only survivors besides myself but now I know that I'm wrong. My older sister who I thought was dead literally just fell out of the sky after a battle with one of Doctor Hyman's creations. I haven't really had a chance to talk since she fell asleep after her wounds were treated but words can't express how happy I am. My sister is still alive and that means that there may be other survivors as well. I can't wait for her to wake up!

"Onii-san...what are you thinking about right now?"

Kai had his eyes closed as he thought about the recent events that had happened. Captain Terranova's sudden reappearance had raised questions that had been constantly going through his head. Was it possible that she had managed to track them down due to their devices? Or more importantly, was it possible that she had a ship that could get them off this planet? He still had no idea how she had come to be here but as soon as she woke up he fully intended to answer.

"I'm just wondering about recent events. It's possible that Captain Terranova has a ship hidden somewhere. I don't see how she could have gotten here otherwise but still...if there is even a small chance that she has a ship then we may finally be able to get off this rock and try to find other survivors.

"But for all we know she could have been shot down by that project she was fighting and the ship might be ruined. She might be stuck here with us for a long time."

Kai sighed heavily and Hizuni looked down at the ground sadly. He knew what Hizuni said was true, he had raised her not to beat around the bush but despite what she had said he was still hopefull that there might be a way off this ruined planet.

Kai opened his eyes and stared up at the sky. He had been sleeping up on the top floor of the ruined hospital when Hizuni had found him. He could tell that she was a bit worried. It was possible that Captain Terranova had been tracked here and more projects could be on the way.

He was just about to tell Hizuni to head downstairs and go to sleep when Shana walked up on the roof. She had a wide smile on her face and tears were starting to appear in her eyes. "She's awake. And she wants to talk to us."

Kai got to his feet without a word and motioned for Hizuni to follow Shana. He took a quick look at the sky to make sure that there was nothing watching them before following the two of them downstairs. He wasn't showing it but on the inside he was glad that Terranova was awake. He had quite a few questions for her and he knew that she would be able to answer them.

As they descended down the stairs, Kai couldn't help but wonder: why had she appeared so long after the battle? And had she been tracked here?

Hopefully we can get some answers, he thought as they finally entered the small room that Terranova was sleeping in. It had been hard to find a room that still had all four walls but they had found one.

Terranova was sitting up in her bed as the three of them walked into the room. She smiled sadly as the three of them walked into the room. Kai saluted her into the military manner and she waved her hand dismissively. “You don't need to salute me Kai.”
Kai lowered his arm and to be honest he was uncomfortable. The Terranova that he knew respected the military and should have returned the salute. He put it to the back of his mind and asked the question that he felt should be asked first.

“Captain Terranova...I realize that this question may be a bit offensive but I need to ask: Do you know if you were followed here by any of the projects?”

Terranova laughed weakly. “I was...but I managed to take care of the project that followed me. And don't worry, you didn't offend me. I made a mistake on my way here and he hit my ship when I entered the planet's atmosphere.” Terranova frowned slightly. “My ship is a lost cause, I hit a building head first on my way down and the controls are fused.”

Both Kai and Hizuni both sighed heavily. It looked like that they were going to be stranded on this planet for a long time yet. But Kai couldn't help but wonder, How had she found them?

Kai was about to ask when Hizuni looked up at him and then back at Terranova. “How did you find us Captain Terranova? And I think I speak for everyone here when I ask: How did you survive project Z's attack?”

Kai slapped a hand to his head in exasperation. “I apologize Captain Terranova...It's...well...”

Terranova smiled at Hizuni. “It's alright Kai, I don't mind her asking. As for what happened and how I and the others's a long story


“Captain Terranova! Commander Carrington has ordered a retreat! The rest of the projects are forming up around Project Z!”

Terranova looked at the solder who had given the report and then looked down at Kai and Hizuni's unconscious bodies. If they all survived this she was going to chew out both Hizuni and Kai. Especially Kai, he had nearly killed himself trying to attack Zeus.

“We need to go now!”

Terranova looked over at the ruins of the building that the projects were surrounding and she looked back at the troops that were quickly running into the various transports. She watched as one of the transports took off only to be quickly shot down by one of the projects that was hovering above Project Z. She could see an evil smile on it's face.

They're not going to let us leave...she realized with dawning realization and horror. The bulk of the federation's forces were here...and most of them were either dead or badly injured. There was no one left to defend the worlds of the federation.

She was about to turn around and shout for the others to get away from the various transports when a massive beam of light shot up from Project Z and completely disintegrated the four transports that were up in the air.

Commander Carrington's voice suddenly echoed across the battlefield. “Everyone take cover!”
Terranova motioned to Shana and she quickly moved to cover Hizuni just as Terranova leaned over to cover Kai.

A sudden burst of light filled the battlefield as a figure who was glowing with golden energy sped across the battlefield.

Carrington...Terranova thought in amazement as the transformed Carrington battered aside the projects that were attempting to intercept her. She must have unleashed all of her magic...released the seal on her device to use every bit of magic she has...But to use that much...she won't survive long.

Terranova suddenly heard a voice in her head, Captain Terranova, get everyone out of here. If what I'm planning works I should be able to buy you enough time to get the survivors out of here.

Another massive burst of light lit up the battlefield as the supercharged Carrington slammed into Project Z who quickly brought up a barrier to try and defend against the human projectile but too little too late.

Goodbye. Terranova and Shana both heard the voice of Commander Carrington in their minds as Project Z was sent flying backward by the transformed Carrington. A moment later, a massive burst of golden light filled the sky and a massive shock wave sent the four of them flying through the air.

The last thing Terranova saw was a large piece of debris coming right at her.

Flashback Ends

Terranova had tears in her eyes as she remembered that final battle. Carrington had sacrificed her life to save the survivors.

“By the time I woke up, I was aboard one of the transports heading back to Federation territory. But when I found out that Shana, Kai and Hizuni were missing...I begged them to let me head back to the planet to search for you three, but we couldn't. The man that Carrington left in charge was new to command and he felt that it was better that I help try to stop the projects though...we've lost so many people and planets...entire populations have been wiped out by the projects.

Kai nodded slowly...And when I woke up I searched for days before I found Hizuni and Shana, we found enough parts from the transports to repair one of them.”

Terranova smiled sadly. “And you managed to leave the planet only to run into one of the projects while trying to make your way home. They shot you down and you've been stuck here since, correct?”

“Yes. I'm going to be honest, we thought that there might be a way for us to get out of here...but it looks like we're still going to be stuck here for a long time.”

Terranova smiled again and for an instant Kai saw a look that made him think of the first time he met her and it made him feel a bit better.”

“I wouldn't say that...” She said as she reached for her device which was glowing with a faint light. “Recently we found something out about our devices, we were experimenting with them recently in an attempt to allow them to detect when one of the projects was near. We found that we were able to detect anyone with a magical device, not just the alphabet mages. We've been searching for survivors on each of the colonies since we were able to modify them.”

Terranova's eyes took on a haunted look. “When I was searching nearby my device picked up the signature's that belonged to your devices. I was too far away to tell if who they belonged to when I was shot down so you can imagine how surprised I was to see Kai after I took care of the project.”

She looked at Kai and smiled again. “You managed to take care of both Hizuni and my sister for such a long time with no support. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you.”

Kai shook his head. “We depended on each other for survival. Hizuni and Shana both managed to save my life more than once. It would be wrong of me to take credit.”

Kai turned to look back at Terranova's device which was now glowing a bit brighter and was beginning to pulse.

“Captain....what does it mean when your device begins to glow like that? Is it because of our proximity to your device?”

Terranova looked down at her device and smiled brightly as the device began to glow even brighter and stopped pulsing. “No...It means that it looks like your finally going to get off this planet and back to civilization.”

Kai was about to ask what she meant when he heard the sound of an engine above the hospital and then heard the sound of it cutting out and then heard a thud as a door opened and then quickly closed. He and Hizuni smiled brightly as they heard two voices that they hadn't heard in a long time.

“You probably bumped the thrusters on the ground again Hank, You need to be careful with the transports. We're lucky that the commander even let us take one of the newer ones to get the captain.”

“Your just mad because he ordered me to fly the thing. And besides, he'll never notice a few scratches on the thrusters because they're under the ship, not on the side of it. Stop worrying so much. Now...We just need to find the captain and get back to the ship before we run into any trouble.”

Kai heard a sigh. “At least I haven't ended up with two destroyed transports on my record...Hold device is going off, they must be close.”

Hizuni laughed softly and the laugh gradually became louder as she peeked out the window and saw two people who they hadn't seen in a very long time.

“Hank! Ming!” Hizuni laughed as she jumped down from where she had been watching the two of them. She was followed by Shana and than by Kai who was watching the two of them with a rarely seen smile.

“What the-?” was the only word that Ming was about to get out when Hizuni jumped at him and ended up knocking him over. Hank's eyes widened as he saw the three of them.

Shana! Kai! You guys are alive!” Hank shouted happily as he ran towards the two of them.

Kai quickly moved over and gently removed Hizuni from Ming who got back on his feet and smiled widely.

“I can't believe this...” Hank said as he looked over the three of them. “We assumed that you died when Project Z was first activated. I guess I know why we never found your bodies.” He headed over to Kai and slapped him on the back.

Kai continued smiling as Hizuni looked over at Hank and tried to jump on his back only to have him move out of the way just as she jumped. “I guess Hizuni missed us as well.”

Kai rolled his eyes. That was a vast understatement. Hizuni had always loved sparring with other people, and when they had first landed here she had thought that some of her best friends were dead. She had wept for nearly a week.

“I can't believe it...” Ming said quietly, “You must have been stuck here for months...”

Kai nodded. “Almost a year. But we worked together and we survived. I couldn't have done it without Shana and Hizuni.”

Shana was laughing for the first time in quite awhile as Hank chatted with her and Kai smiled. He had missed the sound of her laughter and the smile on her face.

Kai looked over at Hank and Ming and motioned towards the hospital. “Captain Terranova is in there, she was shot down while tracking our devices. She managed to take care of the project that shot her down but her ship is a total loss. For a few minutes...I thought we were all going to be stuck here.”

Hank slapped Kai on the back and grinned. “Don't soon as we get Captain Terranova up and around we'll get out of here as quickly as we can.”

I can't believe it...Kai thought as the group headed for the hospital. We're finally going to get out of here!

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