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christos200 02-11-2012 06:14 PM

( This takes place 4 months after Return of the sith ( Link: and 5 years and 8 months before Dark galaxy ( Link: It will tell us the story of Darth Feriar. Those who have read Dark galaxy will be familiar with the characters.)



4 months have passed since the end of the second sith war. The jedi and the republic are re-organizing themselves. The Jedi council, fearing a third more catastrophic war, decided to start a huge purge against not only the sith lords, but also the force users who joined neither the Jedi or the Sith, and wanted to live in peace.

The Jedi hired many mercenaries, and with the help of the republic they kill anyone who is suspected to be a force user, but not member of the jedi. Even the Sith who want to return to the Jedi order are executed. Many people who joined neither the jedi or the sith, were put on death and killed.

A young farmer in Tatooine, named Feriar, who is force user but hided so he would not join neither the sith or the jedi, must now hide once more because the republic sends a group of Jedi knights in the planet, along with republican soldiers, and mercenaries, including Xin and Harr...........

In the desert planet of Tatooine, in a small farm, the young farmer Feriar lives with his uncle, John. Feriar is tall and slim with blue eyes and long black hair. His uncle, John is tall, with grey air and a beard. Feiar's parents died in the second Sith war. His mother was killed by a droid team, and his father was killed by Darth Rex, the fallen student of Ben. Feriar goes in the kitchen to dinner with his uncle.

Feriar: Hello, uncle.

John: Hello. Lets eat to get energy, because tomorrow we will have to work hard in the farm. Also i heard that the Jedi have sent some knights with a small team to find and kill any force user who isn't a Jedi.

Feriar: I know uncle. I will hide. But, both you and me would be more safe, if i left this planet.

John: In this farm they will never find you. But they will look to the starport, so don't go there. You don't have to leave yet.

Feriar: But i want to leave from this desert world and become a pilot!!

John: This will happen one day. I promise you that. But now, lets eat.

On a republican starship, Xin and Harr are called by the commander. The republic starship is white, and it is larger than normal republican capital ships. Xin is tall and lean. He thinks he is very handsome and always does the smart guy. Harr is a very strong, he is wookie after all. He is many years friend with Xin. Once xin was a pilot of the Trade Federation, but when he saw some droids torturing a wookie slave named Harr, he destroyed the droids and escaped with Harr. Then Harr and Xin became friends and smugglers. Xin and Harr became known in the second Sith war, when they killed many Sith, and they even killed Gula the hutt. The commander is a tall humanoid with red skin, green hair, and yellow eyes. He is slim and his name is Atton.

Commander Atton: Hello, gentlemen. You are the best mercenaries in the entire galaxy. That is why i have decided to hire you. To find and kill those Sith scums.

Xin: Commander, i will kill as many Sith as i can, but i wait for a good reward.

Harr: Hhahaha.

Commander Atton: Of course!

MsFicwriter 02-12-2012 03:04 PM

One question: If this is NOT an alternative-universe story, then why are the Jedi evil?

christos200 02-12-2012 04:32 PM


If this is NOT an alternative-universe story, then why are the Jedi evil?
The jedi arent evil. Neither the sith are good. They are both netural. There is no Jedi are the good guys and sith the bad ones. The jedi just won a war, so they want to clean the galaxy from all non jedi force users, now that they have the chance. They dont want to risk a third sith war. So they use their power to destroy those who defy them. Clear politics. You are defeated, you cannot resist, so i destroy you. The jedi of this era do what it must be done in order to bring order and justice in the galaxy, even if it means evil actions. They dont like the weak ways that almost destroyed the jedi in previous eras.

christos200 02-14-2012 07:29 AM

Part 1

The Sith lords:

So Xin and Harr go on a mission to exterminate the Sith lords on the planet of Tatooine. In order to do this, they must find and locate the Sith lords. Xin and Harr are now on a bar, gathering information. Xin goes near a fat barman, that has brown eyes and black hair.

Xin: Hello my friend!! I want to ask some questions about the Sith lords. I have been told that you know many things.

Barman: Your sources are well informed. What do you want?

Xin: I know that you have some Sith friends, and don't try to pretend the republic's friend. i want to help them escape the planet, for a price of course.

Barman: Very well, but your Wookie must stay here.

Harr: Hahahwhwhw!!!!!!!!

Xin: Calm down Harr! Okay my friend. My companion wont come with me.

Barman: Follow me.

So the barman and Xin go to a room near the bar.

Barman: So here is the room.

As they open the door, Xin doesn't see anyone inside it.

Xin: Where are the othe-

Before he could finish the barman tried to attack him, but Xin blocked his attack and kicked him in the legs, breaking one of them.

Xin: Tell me what happens?!!

Barman: Do you think that i am so stupid to believe everyone who comes and talks to me? Also did you though that i didn't recognized you, Xin?

Xin: I didn't knew that i was so famous.

Barman: Its time to end the jokes. Even if you kill me, the place is full of bounty hunters who want your head. Soon they will kill your wookie friend. Its time to die,my friend!!

Xin: Don't be so sure about that!!

The barman attacks once more Xin, but Xin pulls out his blaster and fires 5 times on the barman.

Xin: So uncivilized.

Four bounty hunters enter the room and start to fire with their blasters. The two of the bounty hunters are red twi'leks, while the other two are black assassin droids. Xin hides behind a table. Once the bounty hunters stop firing, in order to recharge their weapons, Xin throws a grenade and kills all of them.

Xin: All too easy. Its time to rescue Harr, find the boss here, take the information and kick some Sith ass.

So Xin goes back to the bar. There he finds Harr fighting with twenty-nine bounty hunters. Xin throws a smoke grenade that allows Harr to escape and leave the bar, and gives Xin the time to fire and kill seven bounty hunters. Once the smoke is clear, the rest bounty hunters see Xin with a plasma grenade in his hand.

Xin: Hello there!

Then he throws the grenade on the bounty hunters and quickly he hides behind a table, as the entire bar is blown up. The entire roof falls and kills those bounty hunters that survived the grenade, and it almost kills Xin.

Xin: I survived!! I survived!!

Xin finds a bounty hunter, who is wounded. Te bounty hunter is short, with red hair, a beard and blues eyes.

Bounty hunter: You are not the only one who survived.

Xin fires at the hands and legs of the bounty hunter.

Xin: Now that you cant walk or attack me, tell who paid you to do this?

Bounty hunter: A man named Bola, who lives in street 3564 in house 135673. He told us to exterminated anyone who made questions about the Sith.

Xin: Very well. Next time don't mess with me.

Xin gives a medical pack to the bounty hunter, and then he leaves with Harr to go to the house of Bola. Xin in his way is reinforced by two Jedi knights and thirteen republican soldiers. The first Jedi was a tall man with long black hair, while the second was bald with a beard. As they enter the house a gas poison kills 10 soldiers.

Xin: Your weapons men. There may be more traps here.

A dark hooded red zabrak with a double bladed lightsaber comes in the room.

Bola: Hello, my Jedi friends.

Jedi: Sith lord!!

Bola uses force storm to kill the three remaining soldiers, and attacks with his lightsaber the Jedi. After a sort duel he cuts off both hands of the first Jedi and then kills him, while a few moments later he cuts off the head of the other Jedi. So Xin and Harr must face alone the dark lord.

Xin: Harr fire on him!!

Harr: Hhaha.

Xin and Harr fire at the Sith lord, but Bola blocks all of their attacks. Then Xin throws a plasma grenade, but the dark lord uses the force to push it back, and it explodes near Harr, blowing up the entire house. The sith lord then runs in the street.

Xin: Harr, stay here and find some help.

Harr: Hhhahaah.

Bola steals a landspeeder. Xin also steals one, and a crazy pursuit in the desert of tatooine begins.

Next part: Pursuit of Death

machievelli 02-16-2012 12:31 AM


christos200 02-16-2012 01:28 PM

Part 2

Pursuit of Death:

So a crazy pursuit begins in the desert world of Tatooine. Both landspeeders run very fast, and they soon go to the desert of Tatooine.

Bola: Give up, smuggler!!!

Xin: Never!! Its time for you to die, Sith scum!!

Bola: No, you will die!!

Bola throws his lightsaber on Xin, but Xin manages in the last second to catch it and throws it back on Bola, wounding his leg.

Bola: I have a second lightsaber. Hahaha!!!

Xin: Very well. Take this!!

Xin fires with his blaster on the hand of Bola. Bola, unable of driving with one hand, falls on a rock and his landspeeder explodes.

Xin: Now its time to catch you and kill you.

But a group of sandpeople attacks Xin.

Xin: What the?

Sandpeople: Hhooo!!!!!!

Xin: Die!!!!

Xin uses his blaster to kill three sandpeople, and then he throws a grenade, killing twenty-three sandpeople and causing a huge explosion. At the same time, the wounded Bola uses force speed to escape. After a few minutes a team of three jedi knights, forty republican soldiers and Commander Atton come in the deserts and finds Xin.

Xin: Hello Commander.

Commander Atton: You have failed. We had a Sith lords in our hands and you let him go.

Xin: I pursuit him, but he managed to escape.

Commander Atton: You idiot!! Don't expect to be paid.

Xin: So you think.

Xin throws a grenade, killing thirty troopers, and fires at one of the jedi knights, killing him.

Xin: So, will you pay me now Mr. Atton?

Commander Atton: Yes, dammit!!

Xin: Thak you. I am leaving from this insane planet. Come on Harr. Lets go. We will find a better job to do. We will work for Ulaba the hutt.

Commander Atton: Leave now!!! One day we shall meet again.

A green twi'lek republican soldier comes near Atton.

Commander Atton: Soldier, sent a group of forty-hundred soldier to search the entire desert to find and eliminate the dark lord.

Soldier: Very well sir!!

In Feraiar's farmhouse, there is silence. Only the desert exists in this place. A huge sandstorm destroys everyone out there.

Feriar: When will this dammed sandstorm stop?

John: When the time comes.

Feriar: That is what you say every time i ask you to go to the Jedi academy.

John: I know that is difficult for you, but we live in dark times.

After a few hours, the sandstorm ends, and the sky is again calm. Feriar is preparing to leave his house.

John: Feriar, where are you going?

Feriar: I want to go to a bar to meet some friends.

John: You can waste time with your friends once you have done all of your works.

Feriar: Come one, Uncle.

John: Okay, go.

As Feriar walks in the desert, he found forty-seven sandpeople's dead bodies, and a black hooded body.

Feriar: Who is this black hooded twi'lek and how he could have done all of this? I must take him to the farm. I sense that he is still alive.

A few hours later in the farm, Feriar explains the situation to his uncle.

John: What??? How do you know if this man isn't a Jedi, or, even worse, a Sith?? He could be dangerous!!

Feriar: We can let him die. When we find a wounded man we have to help him.

John: Dammit. This actions will one day cause you to die.

Feriar: Then i will die as a good man.

John: Don't swear that! Many things can happen to people. Take as an example Revan.

Feriar: I know. Should i use the force to heal him?

John: No!!!!!!!!

Feriar: But he will die!

John: Better him than me!!!

Feriar: I will do it!!

John: No!!!!! Oh well. Do it.

Feriar uses the force to heal the black hooded twi'lek. The man wakes up.

Feriar: Who are you?

Man: What am i doing here?

Feriar: You were wounded. I found you, i cured you. Whats your name?

Man: My name is.... Bola!

Next part: Apprentice of the Force

MsFicwriter 02-16-2012 02:26 PM

"I leave from this insane planet..." To me, that was the best line in this story/drama! :)

christos200 02-16-2012 04:45 PM

Thanks for the reply.:)

christos200 02-21-2012 02:34 PM

Part 3

Apprentice of the Force:

Feriar: Bola!!? The Sith Lord!!!!!!

John: A Sith Lord in my house?!!!!!

Bola: I sense that you can use the force, young one. You should come with me, learn the way of the force and help me rule the galaxy and bring unity and peace.

Feriar: Dong get me wrong, but i hide from both Sith and Jedi because i want to live a peaceful life.

Bola: You have a great destiny young one.

Feriar: I am sorry. But i can only take you to Abjodja 32456 , the greatest port in Tatooine.

Bola: Very well. The choice is yours.

Meanwhile on a republican starship.

Commander: Send a team of 500 soldiers to search for the Sith lord. Kill anyone who helps them. Have no mercy!!

Soldier: But will the jedi approve this?

Commander: I will make them to approve this. I am on a mission to << clean >> the planet from the Sith lords.

Soldier: Very well.

A few hours later in Tatooine.

Bola: Young one, do you want to help the people? We Sith use our power to destroy the republic and create a stable empire, that will provide peace and justice to its citizens.

Feriar: I wont come!!

Bola: Very well.

Feriar: I sense something in the force. I hear cries, i feel pain. I can hear all this from..... Home!!!!

Bola: Wait!!

Before Bola can speak, Feriar left for his farm. There he found his uncle dead and his entire house burned.

Feriar: I wanted peace!!! I wanted to kill no one. I wanted no wars, no violence!! But those jedi will pay for what they have done!!!!! I will become a Sith lord and exterminate all of them!!!!!!!! I can feel the dark side of the force in me.

Bola: Hello there. That is only one of the many victims of those jedi scums. Come with me and destroy those jedi.

As he walks, he watches a small girl and two small boys coming.

Bola: Here is your final test in order to take you as an apprentice. You see those children? Kill them. Its the only way you can take revenge.

Feriar: Very well my master.

Feriar, using the force storm, burns the children and he chokes to death all of them, one after the other.

Bola: Good. You will now become an apprentice of the Force!!

Next part: Escape to Korriban

christos200 02-24-2012 04:34 PM

Part 4

Escape to Korriban:

Bola and Feriar enter in a cantina.

Bola: We have to find a way to leave this pathetic planet.

Feriar: There is a ship here. Maybe we can kill its owners and steal it.

Bola: Who owns it?

Feriar: A young boy named Nick. He was a firend of mine, until before 5 years when he left for Dadooine.

Bola: Have you see him?

Feriar: No, but i can feel him and when i asked who owned the ship, i was told that it was owned by Nick.

Bola: So, shall we steal it?

Feriar: Yes, but i wont kill Nick.

So Feriar and Bola use their lightsabers to enter the starship and steal it.

Bola: We are heading to Korriban. There we shall finish your training.

Feriar: Very well my master.

Next part: Training

christos200 02-25-2012 12:15 PM

Part 5


So Bola and Feriar arrived on Korriban.

Bola: The jedi would never suspect that we are on Korriban. After the war ended a republican occupation begun, while the jedi knights killed all sith. Before the republic, and its jedi protectors, left the planet, they bombard the entire place. So they wont think that anyone would come and hide here!!

Feriar: Can you tel me some more things about the Second Sith War.

Bola: What can i say? The failure of Darth Raptor and Darth Ryox, or the fall of Christos to the dark side?

Feriar: Christos? Who is this guy?

Bola: He is better know as Darth Rex, the conqueror. After he fell to the dark side, he took over almost half the republic, had hundreds of victories, won many battlers, fought in many campaigns and killed many jedi knights. He almost took over Coruscant.

Feriar: But he failed!

Bola: Yes. His old master, Ben, assassinated him on a duel in his flagship. After that there was no strong leader to keep the sith together. Darth Ryox was dead, and Darth Raptor, although a great warrior and force user, wasnt realy a brilliant general.

Feriar: And the jedi attacked Korriban.

Bola: Yes. Darth Raptor was defetead by a jedi named Nick. But that are things of the past. Lets begin the training.

For 30 days, Feriar explored all the ancient sith tombs and killed crazy robots, ancient sith spirits and managed to escape all the traps, including a room full of poison. But while he was in a tomb fighting an old crazy droid, a red droid came and attacked him with a flamethrower, burning Feriar's face.

Feriar: Master help!!!!

Bola: I cant help you. If you are weak, then die!!!

HK-47: Do you like my flamethrower.

Feriar: Who are you?!!

HK-47: The one that will exterminate you. I am a personal droid of Revan.

Feriar: Well, lets see how strong you are.

Feriar blocks the blaster attacks of HK-47 and then with a quick move he cuts off the head of the droid.

Feriar: It seems that Revan isnt so great. He cant even make a proper droid.

Bola: So you passed the final test. Take this mask. It will help you recover your face, someday.

Feriar: Thanks.

Bola: You are now a sith lord! Rise Lord Feriar.

Feriar: Thank you my lord.

As Feriar was talking ,he stabbed his lightsaber in the heart of Bola.

Feriar: Thats the way of the sit, right master?The weak must die!!!

Next part: Revenge

christos200 03-01-2012 10:15 AM

Sorry i couldn't update. I had much work to do. In a few hours you will have the final update of this story.

christos200 03-03-2012 05:00 AM

Part 6


Feriar left Korriban, and went to Telos. Telos, had a republican base with the files of all commanders of the republic, and their latest location. When the night fell Feriar, using his lightsaber, opened the base's door.

Guard: Who is there?

Feriar: Hello.

Before the guard could say anything, Feriar choked him to death.

Feriar: Now i just have to download those files. Its all too easy.

Feriar searched the files, and he found Commander Atton, the man who gave the order kill his uncle.

Feriar: Revenge is close. I will take my starship and head to Besbin. Above Besbin is the 56478 capital ship. There i will kill this man and take my revenge!!

In a few hours, Feriar landed on the capital ship.

Soldier: What do you wan-

Feriar quickly killed all of them, using force lighting. Then he fought his way to the bridge.

Feriar: Hello commander.

Commander: You!! You are one of those who escaped Tatooine!! You will die!! Men fire!

But Feriar blocked the the attacks of the soldiers, and then he killed them one after the other.

Commander: That impossible!! Where is the jedi!!

Feriar: Your miserable life ends here.

Commander: No please, no!! I beg you.

Feriar: If you fought like a man, i would spare you. But you deserve only one thing: Death!!

Commander: No, No, Nooooooo-

With a quick move, Feriar cut in two the face of the commander. Then he set up a bomb and escaped. His next destination is Hoth, where he will manage to destroy the jedi.

christos200 03-03-2012 07:03 AM

Find in this link the new adventures of Xin and Harr.


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