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Revan sama 03-12-2012 04:15 PM

Thoughts and feelings over the course of time
Author: Revan sama

Game: Star wars knight of the old republic (before).

Summary: The perspectives of five persons know by Revan. Even if they are all different they all share their different love for Revan.

Characters: Revan, Meetra Surik (the exile), Kreia, Arren Kae, Malak, Bastila Shan.

Pairing: Revan x Bastila.

Author's note: Hope it's not too boring...anyway enjoy!...or try.

Thoughts and feelings over the course of time.

He was strong in the force and a great leader. He was stubborn, proud and arrogant, everyone in the Jedi order knew that.

He was the lord of the Sith. He was ruthless, cold and darkness serve him well, everyone in the Sith empire knew that.

But what does it mean to 'know'? Those knowledge are merely vague concepts. And it could all be an illusion...

They all live in their own perspective without knowing what is real or a lie.

Even those who were close to him barely knew the real him.


Even if they misunderstood him, it was okay if they had the wrong impression about him.

Their feelings, their thoughts, their hope and dreams...

He would carry them on as long as time would allow it...

Meetra Surik/the exile

As I awake from my slumber, my body feel so heavy and strange.
My mind is weak with the thoughts of you...

Her eyes would always wander to him.

The way he walked so gracefully, so proudly...He was indeed one of the elite of the Jedi order.

She felt a bit envious at first, the way the masters would praise him, the way everyone would look upon him with such respect.

Yes...They all loved padawan Revan : The 'champion' of the Jedi order.

However... even if he was indeed a prodigy, even if he was way ahead her, a better Jedi than her.

It didn't matter.

"Hey Meetra!" For every time he would see her...

"You're coming with us? The masters are waiting!" He would call her, like an equal, like a friend.

She would smile happily and always tell him "I'm coming!"

If only things could stay this way forever.




At that time, during the Mandalorian war, he didn't call her.

He didn't asked her to come with him anymore.

He didn't needed her anymore.

He won't call her name anymore.

There won't be any "I'm coming!".

The Mandalorians were brutally wiped out.

Malachor V was filled with dead corps of both sides.

Because of a single order that she had to obey.

Not because she had to.

But because of her trust and loyalty.

Gone into darkness.

The republic forces and the Mandalorians were crushed.

She watched everything without saying anything, all the people she talked to, all the people she befriended, everything was now vanish, all to her loyalty to her hero, Revan.

To a biter justice.


Bao-Dur's voice was barely acknowledged...All she could say was :

"Strange...I didn't know it was raining all the sudden."

It's only a few minutes later that she realized they were on a ship and the 'rain' was coming from her eyes.


I remember our first meeting, a moment where both of our fates has run into one another.
For not saving you from your hurt feelings and selfishness, I am so sorry...

When they first met, they were just children. As children, purity still linger, no cold calculating plan, no betrayal...Anything you feel once you enter the world of adults.

So without any fear at heart and true to his childish feelings, young Malak went to that strange boy with long black hair, who was always alone and working on droids.

He stared at him until he notice him and asked with a big grin:

"Train with me?"

The only response he would have would be :

"Go away..."

However Malak was stubborn and insisted, so much that it got on the boy's nerves.

Then he challenged him into a duel with swords (they didn't have lightsabers at that time)

If Malak win then the boy had to become his friend.

Has for the boy, he said to Malak that if HE win then he had to leave him be.

Of course the duel was an easy win for the boy, since he was trained to be a Jedi guardian and was already considered as a prodigy for such a young age.

Next was using the force to move a small rock toward a target.

Again the boy has won.

And the next challenge , and the other,...

Malak was indeed stubborn, but even him was beginning to despair.

The boy stared at him as he was crushed and asked:

"You give up already?"

Malak looked back at the boy and said:

"But...your even better than me...No wonder you told me to go away."

He was starting to leave when suddenly :

"Is that a reason to give up?"

He stopped, eyes widen and looked back at the boy.

"Yeah, I'm stronger than you...And so what? That doesn't mean you should give up on what you want."

Malak had a big grin on his face.

"So...You will?"

The boy looked at him with a curious look.

"Will I what?"

His grin became even wider.

"Becoming my friend!"

This time it was the boy's turn to have his eyes widen.

He didn't expect that at all.

Many of the other children would leave him alone, but that guy challenged him until the very end...only because he wanted his acknowledgement and his friendship.

"Ah! But you're not forced to! It was just a suggestion...that's it..." Malak's face turned a bit red with embarrassment.

Much to his surprise the boy chuckled softly and with a gentle smile said:

"I'm Revan...Please to meet you."

He gave his hand to Malak for a hand shake.

He looked at Revan's hand and with a big grin said:

"I'm Malak! Please to meet you too Revan!"

A firm and precious bond of friendship was born that day.

For little they knew, that bond would soon or later shatter once innocence will be tainted.

By the biter lessons called betrayal.


Author's note: Next will be Kreia then Arren Kae and finaly Bastila Shan.

- Kreia -
I can hear your words and thoughts even when you don't speak.
I never noticed before, during my dark times, your gentleness protected me...

- Arren Kae -
In times where doubt and distrust are our only hope.
Your kind smile will save everyone.
You will restore the light in our misshapen world.
Even though I won't be there to see it...

- Bastila Shan -
To have meet you has truly brought happiness in my life.
To the moment you melt my heart, it became yours.

JAvatar80 03-13-2012 01:52 AM

Not bad. :) I like how each sentance is a thought, a glimmer into the mind. The format is very appropriate for the thoughts each person is having. There are some tensing mistakes, for example:

At that time, during the Mandalorian war, he didn't called her.

In this sentance, called should be call, or call to. Not enough to detract from the overall experience, but still enough to be noticed.

Still love it though. :D

MsFicwriter 03-14-2012 03:08 PM

For some reason the "Malak" section touched my heart the most. Maybe it's because I already know what happens to the adult Malak and Revan--thus, seeing them as children plunges a knife into my heart. 8/10 :)

machievelli 03-14-2012 08:10 PM


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