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christos200 03-23-2012 06:58 AM



It is a dark time for the Galaxy. Only 10 years after Exile found a new Jedi order, the remains of the Sith managed to re-group and make an attack against the unprepared republic and the weak new Jedi order.

Hundreds of Jedi have died, and even more have fallen to the dark side. The republic is almost wiped out, and the Dark lord of Sith, Darth Drivious , has managed to become ruler of half the galaxy. The Sith fleet and the Sith army wipe out any opposition.

There is no hope for the Galaxy. Everyone thinks that soon the clouds of the dark side will consume everything and destroy the entire galaxy. But a prophecy says that two men from an other galaxy will come to destroy the Sith and restore peace and freedom to the galaxy....

Chapter 1: The desert

Part 1: The archaeologists

Earth 2013, Sahara

In the great desert of Sahara only dust exists. The hot air warms everything. Two men however manage to walk alive in this dry desert. The first is Christos, a tall 30 years old Canadian with black hair and blue eyes. He wears a white shirt and blue jeans. Next to him, there is the second man. A tall 29 years old bald Afro-American named Nick with brown eyes. He wears a black jacket and black jeans.

<< Nick, i told you that you shouldn't have told this to professor Jack >> Christos shouted. << Its not my fault!! How i could know that he would inform Alex? >> Nick replied. << Use your mind, dammit. Didn't you thought, even for one second, that a rich man like Alex, who collects ancient treasures for his private collection, would have spies in the university? >> Christos said. Then Nick shouted << And when Alex learned that in Sahara a teleportation machine exists, he used those damned mercenaries to fire at our private Jet, and now we walk for three hours in the desert. What are we going to do?>>. << We survived the traps of Alex in South America and the himalayas. We can survive and this. Remember when we escaped the tanks of the crazy dictator in Venezuela, when we were looking for the ancient pyramid in South America? We can survive!>> Christos said. Nick then shouted << Christos, some people are coming. They have a lot of camels!! At least, we can drink some water. We are saved.>>

The people wear black robe and hoods, and are riding camels. One of them talks in his mobile phone << Mr. Alex, we found them. They are still alive. What we should do? >>. Mr. Alex replied << Kill them.>>. Then the man closed the phone and shouted to his men << Kill them!! The one who brings me their heads will be rewarded. >>

<< What are they doing? >> Christos said. Nick then replied << They pull out their weapons. I think that we should run!!>> As Christos and Nick run, the mercenaries fire at them. So the great hunt begun.

christos200 03-23-2012 07:47 AM

Part 2: The hunt and the pyramid

The desert is usually a quiet place. Not this time, however. Christos and Nick run, as the mercenaries of Mr. Alex hunt them.

<<Nick, run!!>>, Christos shouted. <<I am running!!>> Nick replied. But the camels are getting closer and closer to the two men. << Fire! >> Christos said. Nick turned on the camels and fired at them with his gun. Then Christos and Nick manage to steal two camels, but the other men come closer and closer to them. As Christos and Nick ride as fast as they can their camels, they find a small ancient pyramid, made of stone.

<<Lets hide here!>> Nick suggested. << I agree.>> Christos replied. Christos then threw a smoke grenade, and let the camels to leave. Then they entered the pyramid. As they enter in the pyramid, a toxic arrow is fired. The arrow is ready to hit Nick, but Christos pushes him away.

<<That was close!>> Nick said. <<We should enter in that room>> Christos shouted pointing on a small room inside the pyramid. When Christos and Nick entered the room, they found a machine. << WOW. The teleportation machine exists. Its not a myth!! We found it.>> Christos shouted. Nick replied << Yes!!>> suddenly, the mercenaries entered the pyramid and threw a grenade in the room. Christos and Nick fell on the machine and they accidentally activated it. A light appeared, and in a few seconds Christos and Nick disappeared.

One of the mercenaries then called Mr. Alex with his mobile phone. <<Mr. Alex. They are dead. We also found your machine.>> the man said. <<Excellent. Now no one can stop me!! Hahahaha!!>> Mr. Alex replied.

christos200 03-26-2012 07:43 AM

Chapter 2: In a galaxy far, far away....

Part 1: Lost

Coruscant, Jedi temple

The library of the Jedi order was empty. No one was there. Suddenly a light appeared and two men fell on a table. << Where are we? >> Nick asked. << We were teleported.>> Christos replied. Scared, nick shouted << Oh. My. Freaking. God.>>.

A 23 year old male Jedi knight with brown eyes and long black hair, wearing a black Jedi robe, came in the library. <<Who are you?!>> He shouted. << I have the same question. >> Christos said. Angrily the Jedi shouted << Don't try to trick me Sith spy!!>>. << Sith? I dont know who are those guys!>> Nick said. The Jedi forced-pushed Nick and Christos on the door.

<< What kind of magic is this? >> Christos and Nick shouted together. << It is called the Force, you morons!!>> the Jedi said.

Then Bastila and other five Jedi came in the library with ten guards. <<I am bastila shan, member of the Jedi order >> Bastila said. << She is hot!>> Nick said to Christos. Christos replied <<Shut up!>>

<< I have some questions for you. You will be arrested. Guards, take them to the prison. >> Bastila shouted. << Sorry my lady, but i wont be arrested.>> Christos shouted!

Then Christos kicked in the face one of the guards, while Nick threw a chair to the other guards. Then they both started to run. One of the guards pulled his blaster and fired at Nick.

<< What are those laser blasters? >> Nick asked. << I dont know, but my traditional pistol is far better.>> Christos replied.

Christos pulled his pistol and fired on the head of one of the guards. <<Only four remain.>> Nick shouted. As they were running, two Jedi stopped them and pulled their lightsabers.

<< What kind of weapons are this laser swords?>> Nick asked. << We will soon learn.>> Christos shouted, as he threw a smoke grenade on the Jedi. << Run to the elevator!! Nick shouted!! They entered the elevator and went to the roof of the temple, only to find Bastila and two Jedi. <<Nick, jump. >> Christos said. Christos pushed Nick and then jumped.

Will they survive?

machievelli 03-29-2012 02:05 AM


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