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CrisG 03-28-2012 01:24 AM

Ways to make Companion Stronger?
I found that the battle with the rogue Sith Doctor in the ruiined Jedi Temple is too much for me and my companion even at level 14, he wipes her out in about 10 seconds and then polishes me off in about 20. I am back at the Senate trying to figure out how to upgrade and add strength and defense. I could not find a way to add armor mods to my companion or her weapon is it possible? i could only add a few things to my sword and since i have no armor could not add that, I did add a shield emprovement but could not find a basic shield at any of the vendors so am just hoping it works.. and also my saber is outlined in red on my character page, everything else is outlined in green which makes me a bit nervous.

Any suggestion on what to add to be stronger and also to help companion be stronger? thanks. Otherwise I will have to wander around doing missoins until i can level up

Jae Onasi 03-28-2012 08:31 AM

You need to be about level 16 or 17, or bring friends, in order to do that class quest. You're under level for it at 14. Go wander around and do the missions. :)

mimartin 03-28-2012 10:54 AM

What Jae wrote, there are quest level recommendations and playing as a Tank or Healer you are pretty much going to have to follow them. With a well equipped DPS character and a well equipped companion I have been able to complete some quest while under-leveled, but with my Healer I had to either be at the recommended level or above to finish most quest. Pretty sure it is going to be the same with a Tank, except with a Tank you may last a little longer.

Go kill stuff and do other missions until you meet the quest level recommendations.

CrisG 03-28-2012 05:00 PM

Hi Jae! great to see you here... thanks ok i will do that maybe even take a trip back to Tython as i am trying to collect the Datacrons the first one and it gave me an urge ...thanks, i thought i might be under level with the way it went so fast...thanks again, ok, back to work and Kira wont have to die so much for a bit. :)

CrisG 03-29-2012 05:46 AM

Ok i took both of yours advices..and spent time doing missions and leveling up, now at Level 16 and had an interesting evening, even managed to finish one of the Heroic missions rated a 4, Trouble in Deed, Luran Gonthor deed in his safe....actually i had not realilzed it was a Heroic Mission until i got to the entrance to the inner area and saw two level 16 droids and a guy with a high level and a star...and i realized... well, my companion and I fought our way thru and i ended up getting the deed back to Luran....and i got a cool new robe with a high armor count of it....

wow, it is fun when things go right.... never did get the two Datacrons i found too high up in the air...dont have a force leap that i can control yet...

my new robe...

and i got Kira a necklace and a cool new Wrench as thank you gifts..i know she liked them because she said something nice for a change :)

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