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christos200 04-11-2012 10:45 AM

Star Wars: Mercenaries

A new Hope
The Empire Strikes Back
Betrayal at Besbin

( Part 3 of my AU story. This time, Luke helps some Pirates in Besbin.)


Star Wars: Mercenaries

It is a dark time for the rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

The last hope of the revolution, the Jedi Luke Skywalker, is hiding in Besbin and working as mercenary, after the revelation that his master, Ben, killed his father and that princess Leia is his sister.

Meanwhile the Imperial Army has landed on Besbin, a remote colony, searching for the Jedi knight, and has taken over many illegal Starships, including the Phoenix, a pirate's starship.......

Luke is siting in one of the cantinas of Besbin. Luke wears a dark Jedi robe and a hood that covers his face. He listens to the Rodian musicians, and remembers when he and Ben went in the cantina in Tatooine and met Han and Chewie. Xinjiong entered the cantina. Xinjiong was a tall man at his late 40's, with blue eyes and a red beard. He had scars in his face, a sign showing that he has been on many fights. Also his left eye was bionic. He was wearing a white jacket and a black belt. In his belt there were four blaster, showing that he was a man that had seen a lot of action. Xinjiong came near Luke.

Xinjiong: Hello. My name is Xinjiong. I've been said that you are a mercenary.

Luke: And?

Xinjiong: Well, i need a man to do a job for me.

Luke: What job?

Xinjiong: Let's just say that i want you to help me << steal>> a ship.

Luke: If you pay well, why not?

Xinjiong: Do you have any experience with imperial Stormtroopers?

Luke: Ha! A lot, i can say.

Xinjiong: It's deal then. Meet me at the Western cantina in five hours. Also, what is your name, boy?

Luke: I dont want to tell, but you can call me << Exile >>.

Xinjiong: Very well Exile. Goodby.

Luke: Goodby.

After five hours, Luke went to the western cantina. The smoke inside the cantina clouded everything. He could see prostitutes kissing men, and gangsters, with death sentence's in more than twelve systems, drinking. He went near Xinjiong. Left of Xinjiong there is a slim beautiful woman in her early 20's with green eyes and long blond hair. Near her, there is a strong black bald man, with a brown beard and scars near his brown eyes, showing that he also had seen a lot of action.

Xinjiong: So exile, you came. Here are two members of my crew. The beautiful Anna and the very strong John.

John: I am glad to meet you.

Anna: Hello, Exile.

Luke: Hi!

John comes near Luke.

John: Exile, do you like her?

Luke: Well, she is sexy.

John: And has a hot ass. Hahahaha!

Xinjiong: Let's get back to work boys!! We are pirates, Exile, and we landed in Besbin because it was a small colony that had nothing to do with the empire. But it seems that the governor here, some guy named Lando Calrissian, made an agreement with the empire to let them come here for a while to search about a Jedi named Luke Skywalker.

Luke: Did they found him?

Xinjiong: No. Not yet, at least.

Luke: So, what is the job?

Xinjiong: The empire took over a lot of illegal ships, including the Phoenix, our ship. We want you to help us steal our starship.

Luke: Okay, i guess.

Xinjiong: We must be careful however, since the starship is guarded by a squad of stormtroopers. My crew will wait for us four to steal the starship. We will spit up, to steal the ship more easily. I will go with John and you with Anna.

Anna: I hope that you will be able to handle me, Exile. I dont like having to rescue mercenaries.

Luke: Ha! I have seen more action than you think.

Anna: Let's hope that you are right.

So the team goes, the same night , at the spaceport. They walk until they find the location the ship. Then they hide behind a small building.

John: You see the guards there? Me and Xinjiong will go and make a stealth attack on them. You will go the other way.

Luke: Okay.

John and Xinjiang go behind the the two Stormtroopers, grab them and choke them before they can alarm the other guards. Luke and Anna go near the other two guards.

Luke: Anna, wait here.

Luke starts to walk near the guards.

Anna: Are you crazy? They will kill us.

Luke: I dont think so.

Luke, using the old Jedi mind trick, manages to control the minds of the guards.

Luke: Hello.

Guard: Hello.

Luke: I want you to let Anna and me in.

Guard: We will let you pass.

Luke: Come on Anna.

Anna: Well, that was impressive.

Luke: See and this. Guards, commit suicide with your knifes.

The guards draw their knifes and commit suicide.

Luke: Now, let's go to the ship.

Anna: The others should have stolen the ship already. We need to move. Fast.

Luke and Ann run and find a squad of Stormtroopers. However Luke throws a grenade and with Xinjiong and John joining the fray, all hell breaks loose in the spaceport.

Xinjiong: It seems that we came just in time to save your skin.

But the group is confronted by something totally unexpected. A group of Stormtroopers surrounding them.

Anna: Oh no, we will die!!

Trooper: Your weapons now!!

Luke: I have an idea.

Luke suddenly force pushes the troopers. Five more troopers come, but Luke uses force storm to kill them. Then Luke, with his lightsaber, kills one after the other the remaining troopers.

John: WOW!! That is something!

Luke: Now, let's get out of here!

Xinjiong: Now that we are ready to leave, i want to ask you something.

Luke: The ship is right here. I wont go to open it. You can do it alone.

Xinjiong: Hahahaha! No. It's not that. I was going to ask if you wanted to join us. As i told you, we are pirates. We do raids, we steal, we live a life of adventure.

Anna: And i was just getting used being with you. I wont let such a handsome sorcerer, or whatever you are, leave.

John: Haha! Come on, man. Join us.

Luke: Okay. I will join you. I always wanted to be a pirate. Haha.

Meanwhile in space, in the bridge of a huge imperial Star destroyer a dark plan is created. While Darth Vader is looking at the Stars, Piet walks near Vader.

Vader: Admiral Piet, i hope you have a good reason to interrupt me.

Piet: Lord Vader, we found that Luke Skywalker was on Besbin. But he escaped. However i have a plan to bring him back.

Piet tells Vader his plan.

Vader: Admiral Piet, if all go well, you will become Commander of the Imperial Army.

Piet: Thank you my lord.


(Next Part: Betrayal on Besbin)

machievelli 04-13-2012 01:09 AM


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