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Miltiades 04-17-2012 09:34 AM

Rakghoul Pandemic
How's everyone enjoying the sudden Rakghoul event? I've got my rakghoul pet from the 'Track the Origins' quest and the first piece of Containment Officer armor. Can't decide if I'm going to use my DNA samples for the other Rakghoul pet or one of those crystals. Maybe both, if the event lasts long enough.

If anyone needs a good guide for this event, here's one I found very useful.

mimartin 04-17-2012 10:15 AM

Been seeing people talk about it in the chat. Haven't bothered since I have been playing my Shadow and having way too much fun with her, but that was because I only thought the reward was a pet. Pets are just something that no interest to me. If it is still going on tonight, I may have to give it a look.

Miltiades 04-17-2012 10:58 AM

It's been adding a new quest every day, I think (and hope) it at least lasts another week or so.

And yeah, there's more to it than pets as rewards. In fact, the quest to get that particular pet can be quite long and tedious if you don't know where to look. But the black-green crystals (BOE) and companion customization sets (BOL) may be worth it, depending on your taste. Or the extra codex entries, if that's your thing. You do need the defeat the special world bosses to get the last three, I think.

Lynk Former 04-17-2012 11:09 AM

I love it, it's so much fun lol. I think BioWare has hit on something really good with these events and this first one is making players do some really cool things.

At first it seems pretty straight forward, everyone go to Tatooine and do some special missions. But then there are new World Bosses to fight... one that it's the PvP area so you have to get into a big ops group and fight off the opposite faction so that your side is the one to take it down first otherwise you'll have to wait like 12 hours for it to respawn.

Mav and I were part of a HUGE ops group that absolutely DESTROYED the Imperials in a pretty well coordinated effort to take it down. Then the other day I was on Tatooine and I found another special Rakghoul World Boss so I went into General chat and gotmyself another ops group together so we could take out that boss.

I also love how new missions are being added the one hidden crazy objective in the game... if you get infected, go to a populated area and try to infect 10 other people when you blow up.

Awesome XD

And yeah, I got myself the Crimson Rakkling by doing that epic fetch quest that takes you all the way around Tatooine lol. I managed to make some friends along the way too, it was like I was on a Grand adventure on the hunt for lost treasure.

CrisG 04-17-2012 11:30 AM

So where do we get the missions for Tatooine? i saw the news cast about this but thought it was just news...did not know there were missions for it.... is there one place to get the first mission, the Wreck of the Stardream i think it is? What is the entry Level for Tatooine?

Miltiades 04-17-2012 12:01 PM

The daily missions start in the Dune sea, somewhere north of the Republic outpost in the area. That's where the Wreck of the Stardream is. When you see the smoke, you're close. And entry level for Tatooine... around 25 or something?

mimartin 04-17-2012 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by Miltiades (Post 2810117)
And entry level for Tatooine... around 25 or something?

You're right, it is 24 to 28. CrisG I would suggest, going by Lynks comments, being 27 or 28 before trying this. If you have to travel all over Tatooine, then you will encourter different level mobs. The Rakghoul stuff will scale with you, the normal mobs will not. If you do decide to try it under leveled, then make sure you know what a emergency fleet pass is and also invest in a few regular fleet passes.

I think I'm going to give it a try with my Shadow tonight, the difference is she has stealth (and I think she could take my level 50 sawbones at level 25). :xp: Although, maybe I will take Brem. Level 50 speeder sounds like a good idea for this.

Also on Tatooine, be really careful what you click on. Somethings don't like to be disturbed.

Prime 04-17-2012 01:36 PM

And here I thought you were talking about the Taris quests. :)

I'm so out of the loop!

CrisG 04-18-2012 06:03 PM

OK, i am at 23 now and will work hard today to level up more, before Tatooine, i am worried a bit that the new plague story will run out before i get there so i want to make it at least to see some of it. Just starting on Nar Shaddaa now. thanks for the info. helped a lot. I keep hearing the news broadcasts and seeing them in the Fleet Station.

I have a fleet pass, emergency one but was not sure how we use it like a free pass before we get killed? Is it for our ship? and I suppose it takes us to the Fleet Station? Was not sure about them. What vendors sell them? I dont recall seeing them yet in the normal vendors. Maybe the ship vendors have them...

Lynk Former 04-18-2012 07:04 PM

The pandemic will end on the 24th, so you could make it to Tatooine before then, but yeah the pandemic missions are pretty deep into Tatooine anyway since it starts in the Dune Sea which is the last area of Tatooine you visit on your story quest.

The Emergency Fleet Pass is when you're on a planet somewhere and you really need to go to the Fleet station for whatever reason. You use it the same way you use your quick travel, you put it on one of your quickbars, click it and let it do its thing. Then you'll be transported instantly to Carrick Station on the Republic fleet (for Republic players, Imperial fleet for Imps). The cooldown for this pass is 17 hours which is why it's only really for situations where you really need to get back to the fleet quickly.

CrisG 04-19-2012 04:11 AM

OK cool Lynk i was fidling around with my quick key bars and moved the pass over today.

i am at Level 24 and things are going well, if i work hard I hope to get to Tatooine soon and to make some real progress.... i just had to take a break while they did maintenance. thanks for the info.

adamqd 04-19-2012 05:27 AM

Its kind of a hindrance at the moment as I'm trying to level up my Marauder, and my 50 is on Hiatus until server xfers, so all this blowing up and stuff is a pain in the anus, I'm not sure how long this annoyance will continue, but if its here when I'm 50 on this toon then cool.

Miltiades 04-19-2012 10:27 AM

As Lynk said, the event ends on the 24th.

So I defeated Zam Brak, the world boss at the Sarlacc Pit with an ops team. It was fun. We tried Urtagh, but apparently were with too few to defeat it and there was one Jedi Shadow harassing us, attacking the tank and then fleeing. Cowardly pubs! :p

Also, I've read Trapjaw can be done with a two, even solo if you're good. Obviously, that'd be pretty asocial, knowing that the boss takes hours to spawn, so I don't intend to do so, but I'm guessing this one's pretty easy, then?

Lynk Former 04-19-2012 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by Miltiades (Post 2810281)
and there was one Jedi Shadow harassing us, attacking the tank and then fleeing.

LOL... that must be the same Shadow that tried to attack me when we were waiting for folks to show up in the pvp area when I was tanking for an ops group against the infected bantha. Dude was so obnoxious and I ended up doing more damage to him than he did to me (which was hardly any at all, he was weak) in his crappy hit and run attack. He then started taunting us in general chat lol.


Also, I've read Trapjaw can be done with a two, even solo if you're good.
I've solo'd trapjaw with my Vanguard in tank spec.

Miltiades 04-19-2012 10:37 AM

Wait, so one pub attacking another? You guys should get your act straight, man. :p

Lynk Former 04-19-2012 10:39 AM

Meh, asshats exist on both sides... besides, the Republic has absolutely whipped the Imps several times in that area while going after that boss.

Miltiades 04-19-2012 10:42 AM

I hope that moron isn't set on doing this throughout the whole event. I really would like to get that world boss defeated.

Lynk Former 04-19-2012 10:46 AM

We got attacked by a group of imps the last time we were taking out the boss, not just that Shadow... took em all out.

I guess you imps are just that easy to take down :p

Miltiades 04-19-2012 10:47 AM

:'( We're still cooler than you! :carms:

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