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CrisG 04-20-2012 04:10 AM

Seeking a hand with a boss on the Asteroid Station
I have been working hard to level up enough to survive on and get to Tatooine s i could see a bit of the Plague cycle, but.... even tho i am at a high 25, almost 26 i think, and recieved a very nice gift of some level 70 armour which has helped a lot, and have worked hard on my skills and training,
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as an Elite and i just dont have the strength in me left to run around leveling up two levels just to beat him. Can someone help me get rid of this nasty slob? I can meet someone at the medical station on the asteroid, I think that is before the story door, not sure as i am still a noobie, i will head back in, had to take a break and get soem sleep, and try to see where it might be possible to meet up, as i had to get to the station on my own ship, i dont think there are any fleet ships that go there.

anyway, PM me or post if you can lend a hand sometime in the next day or so, if not now, i will sleep and try agian tomorrow, and maybe i can get leveled up dong space missions and some more work on Nar Shaddaa. Just wanted to see if anyone had the time to lend a quick hand.

I am playing as Ceaern in game. it looks like this event is designed to force multiplayer as i dont see any way one person can beat this boss, he is so overpowered. Ah well. Let me know if anyone is willing to lend a hand. thanks.

RogueJedi86 04-20-2012 09:52 AM

If the quest is a couple levels above you, I'd say just level to its level and try.

Anyone who meets with you would have to meet up at the fleet(or any other starport), then board your ship and ride with you as you fly there. Your quest destination only shows up on the galaxy map for you, and only when you're on that mission. Notice you don't see the dozens of other locales for other classes that assault ships. My Trooper's assaulted 3 different ships by the end of act 1 and the only one that still shows up on the map is part of a bugged bonus quest tied to a story quest, the bonus not dropping after I failed it.

Heh, before reading your post I thought maybe Asteroid Station referred to the Hammer Station flashpoint. :P

mimartin 04-20-2012 10:39 AM

Is it a companion quest?

If so, yeah wait until you get to that level, then if you still have problems let me know and I will send let my shadow to help you (she is about the same level as you so you would get the xp).

Also Bremiaha (my smuggler) sent you some implants for you and your companion, if they are better than what you have use them. There are 4, 2 with the primary stat strength and two with the primary stat willpower. Put the Strength one in your toon and the willpower ones in your companion.

I will not be around tonight, but if you still need help tomorrow PM me or find me in game. I'm usually on either under Bremiaha, Manta or Leyn'a (or get Lynk's attention, if I'm around he will know where to find me).

RogueJedi86 04-20-2012 11:28 AM

With the mention of implants, it must be mentioned that companion ears/implants have to unequipped/reequipped for the stats to take effect after going through any transitional screen, be it elevators(I think) or loading screens(for sure).

CrisG 04-20-2012 11:38 AM

ok thanks ... as far as i know the quest is at my same level for i just got this mission where i am now, and have done all the possible missions on Nar Shaddaa, i have no idea how i would have more levels if i could..... but i will keep working up. thanks very much for the implants Mimartin.

the problem with leveling up is that it looks like i have struck out on Nar Shaddaa, for more missions, i have done them all that i can do at this level, ....i will go back to Taris and do bonus missions for i did all that i could there too. Or try space missions, i will try that today. I am always wiling to do the work necessary, but i got a message from the game saying that my mission would advance with multiplayer use, so i thought i better ask for some help.

My character name at the top of the screen turned Gold and lit up and when i moused over it it said my main Mission needed to be advanced with Multi player.

I was not sure how it worked for help to happen for this, it is part of the main story for me, as a Knight, it is a mission that advances the game not just a companion quest so i thought it would be more generally known...tho it does involve a companion. I had expected to get to Tatooine next but it looks like i have to do this one as there are no other main quests happening any more. The Boss is at the same level as i am , 25 but he is an elite and i last about 10 seconds against him once my companion is killed off and he has abilities that are way above any that i have so it is no match without help i think.

I will do what i can, and be in touch thanks for the tips about renewing upgrades for companoins and also for the implants that was very nice, Milla also sent me some very nice armour which has helped a lot. I do appreciate the generosity and help.

Miltiades 04-20-2012 11:53 AM

I know which quest you speak of. It indeed involves Kira, but it's a class quest, and can be quite hard to finish. I'll see if I can lend a hand, if you still need it.

By the way, Cris, Elites can be quite hard if you go into the fight without a strategy. From what I've heard, you're probably DPS, which means you need either a tank or a healer, at this stage, the astrodroid is the best. Seeing as this quest involves Kira, I'm not sure it's possible to switch to the droid, but look into that. Also, Elites sometimes have attacks that do huge damage. A few of these attacks require a few seconds to power up or to channel, so it's best to look out for any channeling the elite does, so you can interrupt him. This really makes a big difference. Use Force Kick, Force Push and Stasis to interrupt him. Usually, combining these three you always have an interrupt skill while the other are on cooldown.

Lastly, these are fights that are meant to be an end of a chapter of sorts (though this isn't the end of chapter 1), much like a singleplayer boss. Which means, don't be afraid to go all out. Put a medpack on your skillbar, stim up before the fight, be prepared. ;)

CrisG 04-20-2012 02:59 PM

thanks M i may indeed need the help. I did experience what you are talking about he used devestating attacks and I had no counter once they were underway, he threw me across the room and i had to struggle to get back into contact taking huge damange and losing time in my own attack. I do have force Kick in my bar and also a hefty med pack, i did switch out companions on a previous planet even when the quest asked for the droid i used Kira and was able to succeed and then switch back for the final bit. It make all the differnce. I am a tank myself but i dont really dram the attention as much as I should, i will try the droid..and will also try to level up some more i think i am close to 26..... will go beat up on some Rathgoul for a bit. ...but thanks very much for the offer, yes the story is about to take a turn i can feel and i agree this is a plot ending of sorts.... Kira has some things to explain.... but for now, i will be happy just to get rid of her brother.

I may be able to do the start with Kira and then after i get killed the first time, and revive at the med station on the Asteroid station which is quite small, i can switch to the droid...and then maybe switch again at the end.

thanks again for the armour Jasralantill (Milla) that was a huge help :)

CrisG 04-20-2012 11:45 PM

well i made it to Level 26 ..did the bonus missions in Taris, and some of the space missions but i have reached the limit of what i can do until i get thru this one if any one can lend a hand tomorrow that would be great...

Saturday update: Standing by :)

CrisG 04-21-2012 06:34 PM

Thank you for all the suggestions and the help from Mimartin :) now busy on Tatooine ...and working hard :)

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