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kirk1994 05-11-2012 03:20 PM

DARTH TALON new character for kotor
kotor 1 Could anyone out there make a mods or even a skin for this character? shes a really cool Twi'lek and ive looked everywhere for mods for her but the only 2 i could find were these :headbump



i would love a mod or a skin that lets your character play as her
thanks for reading guys :)

and in case any of u just wanna see some more cool pics of look at these ^.^

Sith Holocron 05-12-2012 01:01 AM

I assume your smile icon banging his head on the wall is not due to the quality of the skins but the fact those mods are designed to change characters other than the PC into Darth Talon. If your issue those mods has to do with the skins themselves, you'll of course have to elaborate on what's not up to snuff.

Assuming that you do like the skins . . . have you considered asking the makers of either of those two mods to work on your request? Prime and DarthParametric do have accounts here. Try private messaging them!

kirk1994 05-12-2012 01:43 AM

I have no problem with the skins their fantastic! ^_^ i just wish they could be used for your character


this mod i found for kotor2 says it lets your character be her
do you think making it for kotor 1 would be a easy fix?

Shaggoth 05-12-2012 03:58 AM

i'd better have some new npc attacker :) like in taris base or on korriban, i dunno.

rev1011 05-26-2012 08:09 PM

Have you tried using the KSE to change into her when you download one of these mods.

I do agree, making you replace an NPC for a new skin/model is always annoying, and the same with items.

evilhazardz 09-01-2012 06:43 PM

I know this is a little late but no one got around to doing this, so I downloaded DarthParametric's mod and converted it so that you can you can select it from the start screen for your PC.

It will replace PFHC04 (The blonde female with short hair)

Link removed.


Shaggoth 09-02-2012 03:57 AM

nice work! :)
how'bout put this one as npc to sith base? with her awesome red doublesaber and what'not :) so that way we'll have a fight with 2 siths there.

evilhazardz 09-02-2012 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by Shaggoth (Post 2817815)
nice work! :)
how'bout put this one as npc to sith base? with her awesome red doublesaber and what'not :) so that way we'll have a fight with 2 siths there.

Sorry but I'm not willing to do this many things with DarthParametric's mod as even though I'm not claiming any credit for it, he was the original author, and the only reason why I converted it to a PC head is because I've seen people request for one of the Darth Talon mods to be reworked so that you can select it from the start screen.

Don't be willing to do anything with anybody's mod unless you have gained their permission to do do.


If you really wanted to do this, open up KOTOR tool, go to Rims > Modules > tar_m09aa_s.rim > Blueprint, Character and then change one of the UTC's to the Darth Talon mod that I just converted.

If you're talking about adding a npc to the top floor of the Taris base (where you get the launch codes) you will need to make a script that fires the original script and your custom script to spawn ''Darth Talon'' and then rename that script to something such as 'k_ptar_09ab_en.ncs (the script will need to be compiled if you want to put it in the override folder) :)

EDIT: for the top floor (with the Sith governor and launch codes) the module you're looking for is tar_m09ab_s.rim

DarthParametric 09-02-2012 10:50 PM

Jeez, it would have taken you like 10 seconds to send a PM asking for permission. As it says in the readme, the textures in my mod were the work of Levi Davis/nineball who gave me permission to use them. Unauthorised distribution by other people is not cool.

It would be very easy to make your own mod that makes use of either the textures from my mod or Prime's without actually distributing that content. Especially when the requester already linked to both mods so either already has them or can obtain them.

Sithspecter 09-03-2012 12:40 AM

Agreed. Unauthorized usage of others' mods/files around here is a big deal, and it is not going to make you very many friends. Please use some courtesy and ask before you upload or distribute. Most modders are going to be perfectly willing to let others use their mods as long as you ask nicely.

evilhazardz 09-06-2012 07:16 PM

I understand that now, but there's no need to act like I did it purposely, or that I wasn't being respectful to the author, as I'm not a guy who wants to go around claiming credit for people's work (quite the contrary) and I understand how much hard work goes in to modding these games, I simply thought converting it in to a PC head for this guy was okay, as he was using it for personal use.

I'm also aware that he already had these mods, yet again I thought it'd be easier if I done it for him instead of explaining how to do it, as modding the games for the first time can be a scary task.

Long story short, I wasn't trying to do it for personal gain, I did it to help someone who didn't have the knowledge to do it themselves, everyone makes mistakes, it was simply a misunderstanding and won't happen again.

AielloA 06-23-2014 11:42 AM

Yes, this is a necro, however...

I've been looking around for a mod that lets me do this, and apparently, two years later, there's still nothing. I'm currently using a mod that converts yuthura to Talon and gives me a disguise item that can turn me into her too (or any character, technically. I could have Carth running around in Lethan skin), but this involves changing Yuthura Ban into Talon, which I don't want. I mean, really, you expect me to believe that Revan has a clone? Anyways, I've rambled enough :P

Could someone make an authorized mod using Parametric's Talon skin for a female Revan?

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