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LDR 05-20-2012 09:39 PM

SWTOR: The Pursuit of Revenge: Departure of Sand
Chapter One of Varik Athzaria's tale of pain, strength, and vindication, written by LDR.

It was relatively easy to underestimate the power of a sun. But two? That could be the mistake that causes death on this ancient planet, as was evidenced by many careless farmers in the Tatooine Dune Seas. Even though I've been here for only a few days, I'm eager to finally get off of this hellhole of a planet. The sheer heat of two suns pounding on you is even worse that the thick humidity of Ordo.

Thanks to the meeting of a recent acquaintance - Traver Wood - I finally have a ticket off this rock. We met in the Dark Star Cantina, and after clearing out his little 'spice cave' of a terentatek, he agreed to fly me to Onderon. Normally I would have done it myself, but after crashing my ship here in the middle of a dust storm... I had to adapt. Actually, I had intended to come here anyways to meet with my old friend Kif Lomuta.

Anyways, when I took a trek to Traver's cave, I was captured by a Mandalorian thug named Geddik. He knocked me out with a tranquilizer dart and took away my lightsabers. I was locked in a cell with Avidea Snocami, which wasn't the most pleasant day of my life. Even before, her attitude nearly bit my head off. Light Fang 'just so happened' to be there and bailed us out, and we cut our way out of the mercenary camp, raided the garage, and took their swoop bikes to Anchorhead.

And now, I'm standing over the corpse of my fallen adversary, Geddik. After we reentered Anchorhead, Geddik and his three Mandalorian goons confronted us. I was forced to fight him in a 'duel of honor', with no weapons or force powers.

"Cowards.", Light mused to himself, watching the three Mandalorian thugs run away.

I said nothing as I took my lightsabers off of his corpse, also taking his heavy blaster pistol as a trophy.

I walked to the spaceport, ignoring Light or Avidea as I made my way to Traver's ship. To my surprise, Kif was waiting for me.

"So, I tell you about what happened to your brother, and now you're leaving for Onderon without me? You owe me.", he stated, laughing as he jokingly punched my shoulder.

"And I also owe someone else.", I replied, laughing to myself as I made my way to Traver, who was busy preparing the ship for launch.

"Thanks for clearing out the cave.", Traver said. Wait, how did he know if I cleared it out if I didn't tell him? I raised a quizzical eyebrow at him.

"Well, you wouldn't be here if you didn't. I hear terentateks could kill Jedi in the blink of an eye. Besides, your friend over there told me.", he replied, pointing at Kif. "The ship's ready to go. Just get in. If you have anyone you want to take with you, I'd take them now."

I'm not going to bring anyone else. It would draw way too much attention. Besides, having multiple Jedi or Republic troops running around is bound to get any Sith in the area alerted, wouldn't it?

I walked into the freighter, wrinkling my nose as I entered the Main Hold. I saw Kif plop himself into one of the chairs, fiddling his pockets for his lucky pazaak deck. I saw Traver sit in the cockpit, interacting with the numerous buttons on the console.

"Varik, I need you to be my co-pilot."

I sat in the chair next to him, closing the boarding ramp and lifting the ship off of the sandy ground. The freighter then flew out of Tatooine's atmosphere, and I saw the stars turn into streaks of light as the ship entered hyperspace. I used the Force to propel away any sand pebbles still present on my robes, and I turned to look at Traver.

"Okay, what in hell is that smell?"

"It's the ship.", he said grinning. "Smells good, don't it?"

"Actually it smells horrible."

"Horrible? Who are you to insult my ship?"

"I'm the very powerful Jedi passenger that is criticizing your wonderfully shabby ship.", I replied, grinning.

He tried to look at me seriously, with contempt, but started to laugh. "We'll be in the Japrael Sector within a few hours. Might as well get comfortable."

I went into the Main Hold, and sat in the seat across from Kif. It was then that I pulled out my own pazaak deck, after seeing Kif pull out his.

"Play for keeps.", he said casually, placing 800 credits on the table.

"High stakes, eh?", I replied, placing my 800 credits on the table.

thelightfang 05-21-2012 03:38 PM

Looks accurate as far as grammar and spelling go. I enjoyed the reference to the characters I knew, as well as my own character's one-liner. The story is enticing however short the chapter may be. Definitely excited for more.

machievelli 05-25-2012 08:56 PM


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