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*Oane* 06-03-2012 01:18 PM

[Nightmare Lands EU] Light Knights Gaming Community: Recruitment and Info

The Light Knights are recruiting! We're on Nightmare Lands EU and are looking for members to join our Republic and Sith guilds! We have no restrictions on class or level, though we do ask that applicants are 18 years old or over. The Light Knights is a multi-gaming community so if you're interested, please pay a visit to our website: and if you're interested, please sign-up.

SWTOR Guilds

The Light Knights community have 3 unique guilds in ToR. On our 'home' PvE server, Nightmare Lands, we have the republic guild 'Light Knights' and the Sith guild 'Legion'. These are accompanied by 'Mandalores Helmet' on the Basilisk Droid PvP server.

Light Knights (Rep)

Our Rep. guild in SWTOR formed in pre-release. At present we have nearly 260+ characters which translates into about 70 to 90 members. As part of the LK Gaming Community, some of us have gamed together for a few years in quite a few different games. We have a very lively forum and Teamspeak server.

At present we are a bit quiet (bit like many guild right now). However, we try to group together as much as possible whilst having as much fun as possible. We are raiding regularly (progress can be found on our website here) We are on average a mature guild; most members being around 30. Therefore we understand the constraints of real life and family.

We run our Ops twice a week (Tues & Thurs) and ensure everyone gets a chance to go and get involved. We run a mixture of NM and HM depending on numbers and gear. We are not a l33t guild and do not stand for elitism. We play to win and we play hard but we always make sure its FUN. On that note we have random events like Datacron gathering and World Bosses (video below) and a lot of members also love to PvP and run Flashpoints.

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YouTube Video

Legion (Imp)

Legion was formed when SWTOR was released in December 2011. As a small group, Legion became renowned throughout the Warzones played on Nightmare Lands. In February 2012 guild Legion became the Sith PvE guild of the Light Knights Gaming Community. Legion is also raiding and has recently cleared Karaggas Palace.

Mandalores Helmet (Imp)

We are mainly a PvE guild but have a PvP Guild on Basilisks Droid called 'Mandalores Helmet'. This guild is purely for the odd Saturday night drunken shenanigans. We often accompany our 'Helmet' sessions with the now legendary drinking game 'F'ing overpowered Bounty Hunter' - the rules are quite simple; take a swig every time that phrase is recited on Team Speak. the video below was recorded during one of our earlier MH events.

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As you can see, we are a fully featured gaming community. If you want to find out more, or are interested in signing up, please drop us a PM or application on the website.

Thanks for reading guys,



*Oane* 08-13-2012 07:16 AM

Hey guys,

We are still going strong! Come and check out the LK and join a very stable SWTOR community with both Rep and Sith guilds.

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