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ARC_Troopa_Nate 06-27-2012 11:49 PM

Star Wars Battlefront: Expansion
*Commence shameless self promotion* (I tend to do that a lot) My team and I are working on a large scale era mod, we've been working on it for more than two months as of now and we've made a ton of progress, the mod right now is about 15% done. The goal of the mod is to bring together elements from all four Battlefront games, and to create a better playing experience, one that is more fun, more immersible and more like the movies we've all come to love. The Star Wars Battlefront expansion will include TEN new maps, new vehicles, new units, new weapons, new sounds, new heroes, a new ingame level, a new shell, re-created iterations of the stock maps, two custom eras on all stock maps, improved space combat, new hero combos and animations, and much, much more. Well, I'll shut up now. Check out the mod profile on moddb, everyone, make accounts and follow the mod, we'll need all the support we can get! You can check out mod updates and images there.


DuckfromPortal 09-26-2013 11:02 PM

How far is this along now?

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