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christos200 07-06-2012 11:22 AM

Luke Skywalker: Blumer Fort
1) Luke Skywalker: Deadly Desert
2) Luke Skywalker: Blumer Fort

Luke Skywalker: Blumer Fort

Coruscant, Galactic Senate

In the Senate the Dark Lord, Darth Vader, argues with some senators. Two of them are Senators Caelius and Flavious. Caelius is a short bald fat man with green eyes and a long brown beard. He must be around his late 50's. Flavious is a young strong man with blue eyes, long brown hair and must be 21 years old.

''Now that the Empire is in crisis, now that it faces economical crisis and military defeats, the Senators remember their rights!!'' Vader thought as Senator Caelius spoke.

''Senators!! We all remember that we gave dictatorial power to Princep Palpatine for a short amount of time, until the crisis ends. The crisis ended, however Princep Palpatine still rules with absolute power as ''Imperator''!! We have let him rule the Galactic Republic, so the Republic is stabilized and to avoid a civil war. However that time is over!!!! Consul Vader, we must return back to our democratic traditions!!! Caelius shouted.

''What democratic traditions?!'' Vader argued. ''In the days of the old Republic only those who were rich were able to become Senators. Is that a democracy?!''

''Yes, it is!!! It is time to end your tyrannic rule!!'' Flavious said.

''And you think that anyone is stupid enough to support you in an armed revolution against the Imperator?'' Vader asked.

''And the army will support an Emperor who has led them to military defeats and cut their wages by 20%? Or an Emperor who has not paid them for more than two months?'' Flavious shot back.

Vader tries to pull out his lightsaber, but he is stopped by Caelius.

''You may have some support, but all of your support will be lost if you kill us. Most of your followers want a Senate puppet of the Emperor, but no one will support an attempt to kill the Senators. You are weak Vader. The Nomads raid the empire and there is an economical crisis. You will fall. Tell Princep Palpatine that his term will end in 20 days. If he doesn't give up his power then, he will be executed for treason against the Republic.'' Caelius said.

Vader left the Senate, as the Senators laughed at Vader.

Coruscant, Imperial Office

Vader and Palpatine talk about the recent events in the senate.

''Lord Vader, we need a victory. A symbolic victory to inspire the Army!! I will send you in the desert planet of Geonosis to take over the fortified position of the Nomads, the Blumer Fort. You will have 700,000 men and 8,000 Tie Fighters. Dont fail me. The Nomads have crushed the Imperial Army many times, but this time i want a victory. I will send you three nuclear missiles to use them on the Fort. Good luck Lord Vader.'' Palpatine said.

''I will return with a victory, my Lord.'' Vader replied.

Geonosis, Blumer Desert, A few miles away from the Fort

Vader and a General, with Stormtrooper Armor, talk about the invasion on the Blumer Fort.

General, i have a plan, ''Operation Storm''. First, three Tie Fighters will nuke the Fort. Then 6,000 Tie Fighters will bomb the Fort. After the bombing ends, 800 Plasma Cannons will fire at the Fort. Finally 200,000 Stormtroopers will attack the Fort and destroy anything that remains. Are you ready General?'' Vader said.

''Yes sir!!'' the General replied.

However inside the Blumer Fort, the Nomads go to their Ion and Laser Cannons. ''All to your positions. Fire at the enemy Tie Fighters!!!!!'' the Commander of the Nomads shouts.

The first group of Tie Fighters, 4 starships with one of them having a nuke, leaves the Imperial Station. As it flies above the Fort, the Nomads fire with their Cannons. One after the other, the Tie Fighters are shot down. The General runs to inform Vader.

''Lord Vader, the first group is shot down. the General said.

''Dammit!!'' Vader grumbled. ''Order the second group to begin its attack.''

The second group flies above the Blumer Fort, and as one of the four Tie Fighters is ready to nuke the Fort, the Cannons shot down all four Tie Fighters. The General runs, once again, to inform Vader.

''Lord Vader, the second group is shot down. the General said.

''Order the third and last group to attack. But this time, they will be supported by 10,000 foot soldiers and 200 Plasma cannons.'' Vader ordered.

As the third group flies above the Fort, 10,000 Stormtroopers attack with the support of 200 Plasma Cannons. The majority of the Nomadic Cannons has to fire on the Stormtroopers, in order to defend the Fort. Vader's plan works and one of the four Tie Fighters nukes the Fort, causing a huge explosion. Almost everyone in the Fort is dead or injured. But there is still resistance. Vader orders 6,000 Tie Fighters to bomb the Fort. The Tie Fighters destroy all Cannons in the Fort. After the bombing ends, 800 Plasma Cannons fire at the Fort and destroy every resistance. Finally 200,000 Stormtroopers attack the Fort. However there is nothing to destroy. The Fort is in fire and everyone in the Fort is dead or is burned alive. All buildings are in fire and destroyed.

The next day, Vader uses the Fort as his new base and launched from there a series of campaigns. The Nomads are pushed away from the planet and stop their raids. The Popularity of the Emperor in the army make any attempt of the Senate fail. Vader now has a new mission. In one bloody night, he attackes the senate and executes most Senators. It was the revenge of the Emperor.

machievelli 07-06-2012 10:41 PM


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