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Zhaboka 08-02-2012 05:51 PM

swkotor2.ini problem
I already posted this, as Q will recall. He told me to install the game according to the Windows 7 thread process. Which I already had. So I said so. Then my thread was deleted. Thanks.

So I have a Windows 7 laptop, with an AMD Turion Dual-Core RM-72 2.1 Ghz, an NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G, and 3 GB of RAM. AND I already installed the game as per the aforementioned thread. Just to be totally clear.

The game runs fine, but the swkotor2.ini hasn't updated from its initial fresh-install never-played-the-game state. It still looks like this:


[Display Options]
Disable Movies=0
Disable Intro Movies=0
Sort Modules=1

[Sound Options]
Disable Sound=0

[Graphics Options]

[Game Options]
TooltipDelay Sec=
I'm running 1024x768, for starters. And when I enter new entries (such as EnableCheats=1) they have no effect on the game.

Any pointers, guys?

Hassat Hunter 08-02-2012 06:35 PM

Disable the security center, run as admin?
Make sure it's not read-only...

Zhaboka 08-02-2012 07:32 PM

Motherf---. I had every single thing in that thread EXCEPT the Run as Admin condition. Thank you, Hassat!

You may all now proceed to call me an idiot and a fool for the rest of eternity.

Q 08-02-2012 10:23 PM

LOL, I knew it was a permissions problem of some sort.

@Hassat: Are you referring to UAC (user account control)? The first thing that anyone should do after buying a new PC or installing Windows is deactivate it. Yeah, it does prevent executables from executing without user permission, but I consider it to be more of a PITA than it's worth, generally.

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