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Suaidan 08-02-2012 11:22 PM

Star Wars: Retribution
This is my first ever fan fiction and this is kind of a pre-lude to set up the story, the next installation will go deeper into the main character and the worlds as far as cosmetics and how everything is and looks. This is a long term project not meant to read as a short story. Thank you for input.

Star Wars: Retribution

Nyro raises his head from meditation

"Master!" he says under his breath as if he was forcing the words out of his mouth. He senses his master Darth Maul has fallen and his energy is slowly fading into the force.

Suddenly a vision of his master and his master's long time rival Obi-Wan Kenobi engaging in combat flashes before his eyes.
Obi-Wan had already robbed Maul of his legs forcing him to get cybernetic limbs, but now he has taken much more...or has he? Could Obi-Wan, a jedi who is taught to cherish life take it even when he obviously has an advantage?

Then a second vision enters Nyro's mind this time a sharp pain like a extreme migrain comes with it. Darth Maul was knocked unconscious by the blunt end of a lightsaber. A man steps up to Maul's motionless body with a blaster pistol in his hand and a grimmace of pain on his face. Who was this man? It was not Obi-Wan.

The man pressed the blaster against Maul's head and fired.

Nyro rises to his feet, enraged at the vision of his master being slain in such a dishonorable manner. His scream echoes through the cold, damp cave he has lived in for years on the moon Lotho Minor.

Traditionally it was the way of the Sith for the apprentice to slay the master or die doing the master's will. This act not only robbed Nyro of his rite of passage but dishonored his master's legacy. Infuriated, Nyro's memory of stories Maul told him and memories of how he and his master met raced through his mind.

After surviving being cut in half by Obi-Wan years ago on Naboo, Darth Maul was ashamed and unable to face his master Darth Sidious after his failure so he chose a life of exile, defying the Sith ancient law of the Rule of Two.
Maul had slipped away into this cave to meditate and train further in the ways of the dark side of the force. Occasionally he would go into town to get provisions and gamble. Particularly he had become fond of the game of chance and often used it to get much needed provisions and food.

This is where Nyro met his master. Nyro was a slave as a child and was won by Darth Maul in a game of chance because of the cocky attitude of a drunken Rodian wishing to relieve Maul of his last bit of pride by taking his lightsaber.

For the first few years Maul had treated Nyro with extreme prejudice because of his human heritage. Maul thought of humans as weak and fully guided by their emotions. Maul would often give Nyro the most undesireable chores to do. It was not until Nyro's swift tongue lashed out at his master that Darth Maul realized the boy had potential to be a very powerful addition to the dark side of the force.

All that was past now, not only had his master exiled them both from the Sith by defyling the Rule of Two, but he was all alone with nothing left to drive him. Nothing...but, revenge.

machievelli 08-03-2012 08:51 AM


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