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*~*Darth pOOba*~* 08-04-2012 03:21 AM

A Package
This has been floating around my computer for years and I wrote it when I was maybe 14 so if it’s a bit amateur, well, sorry haha. Any feedback y'all got is more than welcome!!

A Package
‘This isn’t real! It can’t be real!’ I thought. Oh but it felt real, my life, my friends, my family were in danger and if I didn’t get away, if I didn’t deliver it safely we would all die.
I was running my bare feet flying over twigs and rocks, they were numb from the cold snow that crunch beneath my feet, and they might have been bleeding, my loose black hair whipping behind me. The hem of my dress was tattered and torn.
‘I have to get away! I have to save them!’ my insides screamed.
Trees, they were everywhere, branches came from all sides, leafless claws tearing at me as if trying to hold me back. They left scratches all over my face but it quickly became numb. Everything was bathed in moon light. I could hear them behind me now; they followed my tracks in the snow. I ran harder trying to step on the rocks that stuck out of the snow, so I wouldn’t leave a trial to my location.
I came to a clearing the silvery light from the moon made the snow glitter like thousands of diamonds on the ground. Yes! I could see it now. The river was but ten meters in front of me and yes, the boat was there! I ran about half way when they stepped out from the shadows; they had been waiting for me. They knew I would come this way. His men enclosed on me, I was completely surrounded.
One of the men stepped out of the circle and came closer to me. His blue and crimson uniform signified him as an officer. “Come on girlie you know you can’t win.” He said. “Why don’t you give that package to us?” A malicious grin appeared on his face as if asking me to deny him. “Give me the package now and we might just let you live.”
“Never!” I snarled.
He threw his head back and laughed. “We’ll take it from you then.”
I assessed my situation, it was ten to one. The odds were terrible but there’s always a way to even them out. I put the package in my dress pocket and dropped into a fighting stance. They’ll soon realize what they got themselves into. “Who wants to die first?"

machievelli 08-09-2012 09:17 AM


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