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TWINKEYRUNAWAY 08-11-2012 02:41 PM

Gloomwalker Robepack
Title: GloomWalker's RobePack
Author: TwinkeyRunaway
Date Released: 8/11/12 (may vary depending on how long it takes kotor filefront to load it)
Contact me at "" if you want to ask for permission or stuff.

Description: Well what we have here is 3 weeks of hard work, also known as the GloomWalker's Robepack. Originally intended
to be called the TwinkeyRunaway pack(and for various reasons was changed) this is a pack 14 robes produced by myself in
my free time. The models themselves arenít changed but the skins and stats for the robes are. I wanted to use TSL patcher for this
release, however I don't think everyone wants all the robes for the game. Instead I have them in separate folders so you can choose
what you want. Each robe is different and provides something better than the original game robes. All robes are textured with the highest
quality I can perform on my current laptop. I made sure they all have unique appearances and will look good on males/females.
(or so says my beta testers :/ )

All 14 robes have been beta tested and nerfed to the point to reasonable stats.

To install, pick the robes you want and drop the contents into the override folder. For example If I want to install the 105th legion robes
(found in the "105th Legion" folder) I go into the "105th Legion" folder and drop its contents into the "override" folder in your kotor main
dictionary. After that start the game and load your savefile. Hit the tidal key " ` " button in game and type "giveitem g_a_jedirobe20" and
then hit enter. Go into your inventory and see if it is there. Now to get the other robes, as I have said you need to pick and choose
which ones you want from this pack and put them in the override folder, and you will notice they are all numbered with the uti files
"g_a_jedirobeXX" with the XX's representing a number of 20-34. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you type
"giveitem g_a_jedirobeXX" with the XX's being replaced by the number of your robe.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
This is my first Robe pack and my first mod. I appreciate anyone who has downloaded this and it would encourage
me to do more in the future if you guys gave feedback. You may not use these or any part of them to produce your own
work. If I, Darth Jaden, Shem, inyri forge, LDR, varsitypuppet and others can make our own things, you can to. If you want to use these
your going to have to ask and get my approved permission and give credit as well. Its pretty much what any modder would appreciate ;)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Included Robes/short descriptions:

105th Jedi robes "g_a_jedirobe20"
Descrition: 105th legion robes are my shout out to the 501st.

Forest Robes "g_a_jedirobe21"
Description: Camo type robes made to look like they are meant for forest type planets like kashyyyk.

Lost Jedi Master robes "g_a_jedirobe22"
Description: Old and beat up robes belonging to a lost jedi master. The force flows heavily through these.

Scouting Robes "g_a_jedirobe23"
Description: Spacer type jedi robe scheme. Sort of based on the scout class with a light tan type color scheme and custom logos.

Jedi Hunter robes "g_a_jedirobe24"
Description: The only sith robes included in this pack. But I must say these are problay one of the coolest looking ones.

BioTech robes "g_a_jedirobe25"
Description: Developed by republic scientists, this robe will give you good reistance against certain attacks while staying reasonable.
Probaly the most cool looking on I made.

Jedi Master Kaz robe "g_a_jedirobe26"
Description: This belongs to a great jedi pilot. It has a very unique design.

Fur Coated Robes "g_a_jedirobe27"
Description: Furry type jedi robes made by wookies.

Geroge Lucas Robes "g_a_jedirobe29"
Description: A robe based on one of george lucas's plaid shirts.

Spotted fur Robes "g_a_jedirobe30"
Description: This robe is vibrant and shows the fashionable side of jedi robes

Floral Art Jedi Robes "g_a_jedirobe31"
Description: Based on chinese floral art, this robe will look most beautiful on a female. a darker version for males in conjunction.

Mandolorian Jedi robes "g_a_jedirobe32"
Description: Mandolorian type blood paint and symbol decorates this robe. It will give you reasonable strength.

Scottish Pride Jedi robes "g_a_jedirobe33"
Description: based on scottish plaids.

DarthMalak robes "g_a_jedirobe34"
Description: Re-textured and made to look like the dark lord himself made these for his followers.

BetaTesters and requests by:
Dread Advocate

Gloomwalkers for helping test out stuff
My main man Jesus for keeping me going on this.
Maxus for making the majority of textures for me to use.
Deadpixel for helping with symbols

visit or for more cool stuff.

And without further a due...

CptPriceless 08-11-2012 04:40 PM

Looks awesome! I was baffled when you changed the name, but the end product is the same. Great job man.

LDR 08-11-2012 05:33 PM

Congratulations. :D

TWINKEYRUNAWAY 08-11-2012 11:32 PM

Thanks guys! Not too many downloads just yet, hopefully more in the coming week.

Tyler Hartman 08-14-2012 05:05 AM

Dude your quick! They all look very detailed and i already have a few favorites X) thank you.

GeorgNihilus 08-15-2012 12:22 AM

Well now ... more variations already?
Goodness :eyepop ... I've seen and installed LOTS of variations from these jedi robes ... but these glowing ones are definitely something new!

Congratulations on the release.

problem is ... WHEN am I supposed to try all this?? and where in my already overloaded Override folder?? :lol:

thanks, downloading :thmbup1:

.:Lord Revan:. 08-30-2012 11:55 AM

Looks very HQ :thumbsup:

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