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evilhazardz 08-29-2012 01:32 PM

Looking for lightsaber pack
I've searched through my hardrives and can't find a certain lightsaber mod that I used before (and I'm aware there are other hilts from the movies but these hilts have been the ones I preferred because the level of detail put in to them) and any links for the download appear to be dead, so I was wondering if anyone had J3d1W4rr10R's Movie Saber pack.

I'm also looking for his Kyle Katarn/Master Rahn saber mod so if anyone has them I would be most grateful if you could send them my way.

Christos K 08-29-2012 03:13 PM

I found this,

and this

I would suggest looking up Oldflash. He's done a considerable amount regarding movie hilts and the KotOR games.


evilhazardz 08-29-2012 04:00 PM

I appreciate the effort but I want that specific mod and while I do like oldflashs' work, J3d1W4rr10R's sabers are really what I'm looking for.

J3d1W4rr10R's website is down, PCGM is down and I've been trying to get on Lucasfiles for the last week but it says that it's down at the moment, I spent about an hour going on Google trying to find a direct download and I even searched the .rar filename, and yet no avail which is why I think the only way I'll be able to get it is if someone else has them.

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