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christos200 08-30-2012 11:02 AM

Kill John (Chapter 1)
Kill John (Chapter 1):

12:30 A.M (night)

Tatooine, Mos Eisley, outside the ''Bar of Charlie''

Outside the Bar, there is smoke everywere. Many teens and prostitutes are smoking outside the Bar. John, a tall man at his early 40's with blue eyes, black hair and a brown beard, enters the ''Bar of Charlie''. As he enters the bar, he see a few people drinking, smoking and talking. He comes close to the Barman, a fat short man with green eyes and white hair.

'' Hello Charlie '' John said. '' Give me the same drink I had drink yesterday.''

'' What Drink did you drink yesterday?'' Charlie asked.

'' I dont know. I was Drunk. I had already drink a bottle or two.'' John replied. '' I remember that it was from.....a planet? I think from Naboo!''

'' I know what Drink you want.'' Charlie smiled.

After a few seconds, he gave a bottle to John.

'' I dont think that I will drink the whole bottle today. '' John noted.

'' That's what you said yesterday and you drink three bottles'' Charlie laughed

Suddenly four men enter inside the Bar. They must 20 or 21 years old. One of them, a tall guy with red hair and green eyes, that wears a black jacket, comes near the Barman.

'' I heard rumours that someone wants to destroy your Bar. We could protect your Bar, for a price of course.'' the man said.

'' I dont need protection!'' Charlie replied.

Before he can finish his sentence, the other three men grab the chairs in the Bar and break them.

'' Hey, what are you doing?!'' Charlie shouted.

'' Now do you need protection, you bastard?!'' the man yelled

'' You have three seconds to leave.'' John said.

'' Do you want me to kick your ass, you damn old bastard?'' the thug shouted.

''Time's up'' John noted.

He then quickly grabs his bottle and breaks it at the man's head. Before the thug can regain his senses, John hits him two times in the face. A second thug attacks John with a chair, but John pulls out a knife, and after he avoids the chair, he stabs the attacker in the foot. The man falls in the ground and John kicks him two times.

'' Does anyone else wants to kick the ass of the old man?! '' John shouted as the four men run out of the Bar.

''Thanks John.'' Charlie smiled.

''I had a long time to hit someone. I enjoyed it. Brink me a bottle.'' John said.

1 A.M (midnight)

Tatooine, inside a large House in Mos Eisley, in the kicthen

A tall man with black hair and blue eyes kisses a woman with fair skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, that wears jeans and a t-shirt.

''So this is you house, Nick?'' the woman asked.

''Shophie, yes that is my house. Well I am not the only one living here. That was the house of my cousin. I was living with my cousin for one year. He died before a month and he left the house to me, but I could not pay all the bills for this huge house. However, I found a guy who wanted a house here and we are roommates now and I pay only half of the bills. Boring story, why dont we go to the bed? '' Nick smiled.

''What if this ''guy'' returns in the house?'' Sophie asked.

''He never returns in the house before 12 p.m (noon). He will be drunk in Charlie's Bar.'' Nick replied as he kissed Sophie.

A few minutes later

As Sophie and Nick are in the bed and are kissing, Sophie, out of curiosity, decides to ask about this ''Guy'' who lives with Nick.

''So, what is the Job of this guy?'' Sophie asked.

''He fixes computers. But now lets forget about him and focus on what we are doing here.'' Nick laughed.

12 P.M (noon)

Tatooine, Mos Eisley, inside the ''Bar of Charlie''

''Hey, wake up'' Charlie shouted.

''What? I slept here?'' John asked.

''Yes. Now go, your Poet waits for you.'' Charlie laughed.

''You mean Nick? Well, I won't see him for four or five hours. Do you remember that hot Blonde that was here yesterday?'' John asked.

''Yes.'' Charlie replied.

''She gave me her number. Goodby.'' John smiled

''Why you get all the hot girls, dammit!'' Charlie yelled.

''Because I am smart and gorgeous.'' John laughed.

14 P.M (noon)

Corusant, inside a building

A tall man who wears a black Jedi robe enters inside a strange building. Inside the building, there are many officies, computers and noise. The Man walks inside a room. There he finds a short man, that wears an imperial uniform, sitting in an office.

''We found him! Go in Tatooine and exterminate him. Everything we know is in this data.'' the man with the imperial uniform said as he gave a data to the assassin.

The End

*~*Darth pOOba*~* 08-30-2012 07:52 PM

Can't wait to read more!!!!!! :haw:

MsFicwriter 08-30-2012 11:21 PM

Did you get the title from "Kill Bill"? I can't wait to read more, either!

christos200 08-31-2012 06:01 AM

Yes. I took the title from ''Kill Bill''.

Thanks for the comments. Next Chapter will be posted in 2 or 3 days.

machievelli 08-31-2012 10:38 AM


thejman217 09-03-2012 09:34 PM

Does this take place before or after the fall of the Jedi/rise of the empire?

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