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goshoo44 09-04-2012 03:22 PM

I have an idea for a clan
I have an idea for a clan. Read that presentation:
╗FAź (Force Allies) Clan

1. Recruit - when someone post an application
2. Jedi Initiate(Padawan) - when he/she is accepted
3. Jedi Knight
4. Jedi Ace - to achieve this rank, the member must have the skills to fight against Single, duals and staff
5. Jedi Master - when completly master fighting with 1 of the weapons - single, duals or staff
6. Jedi Professional - when completly master fighting with 2 of the weapons
7. Jedi Elite - when completly master fighting with 3 of the weapons
8. Council - helping to lead the clan
9. Leader - atm the founder will be the leader

Admin rights for the ranks

╣ Jedi Ace (Admin Instructor) - amslap, amsleep, amwake, amsilence, amunsilence, amforcealtdim, amunforcealtdim, amprotect, amtele, amshowmotd, amstatus
▓ Jedi Master, Jedi Professional (Admin Knight) - amkick, amforceteam, amorigin, amrename, amghost, amwhois, amvstr
│ Jedi Elite, Council, Leader (Admin Council) - ▓ + amban, amlockteam, ammindtrick, ammerc, ammap, amempower, npc, ampsay
(I used information from 1 clan web-site)

Every month there will be an event called 'Fighter of the month'. The member with most wins at the tournaments for 1 year, will have achievement called 'Fighter of year 2012 (for example)'
If you have an idea, reply with it!

The Leader, Council and the Jedi Elites can accept applicants. The promoters from Jedi Professional to Jedi Elite - Council and Leader; from Jedi Initiate to Jedi Ace - Jedi Master, Jedi Professional, .. Leader.
Thanks to this one, who will help me to create and spread it. Also looking for someone, who will host the server (must have JA+ mod, low ping). He will receive the rank Council. If there is a volunteer to help with the forum and/or wiki, also will receive a Council rank (if he wants to be a part of it).
Thanks in advance!:thmbup1:

That is my idea! If you want to talk with me:
Skype: goshoo44
X-fire: goshoo44
I think that is the right place to post that.
Edit: I maked Forum + Wikia.

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