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peppeop 09-22-2012 01:44 PM

New jedi robe
Hello, I'm back and I have a new request.
About the file g_a_jedirobe04.uti. I modified the texture value from 4 to 5 to associate my. tga. It works well
But if I try to add a property, or changing the name or description. In kotor lose everything and the icon appears without a name, description and properties.
I'm following the guide "How To Make A Custom Jedi Robe. PrtyLizardJedi by"
I did this step correctly:
"go to LocalizedName. In the STRREF enter -1 in the first box, (right next to the STRREF: letters) and 0 to the one below. Here you will enter the name for your item. I will name it Jedi Battle Robe, choose the name yourselves if you want to. Now go to DescIdentifed and do the same thing (enter the -1 and 0). Write here the description eg. background of the Robe. Then go to Tag. Change the g_a_jedirobe01 to g_a_jedirobe02. Do the same with the TemplateResRef. Then change Texturevar from 1 to 2. Then save the file as g_a_jedirobe02.uti."
But I do not get the result.
I am using 1.3.1 Kgff

Uploaded with

JCarter426 09-22-2012 01:51 PM

You appear to be using the Italian version of the game. If in K-GFF you see only "[LocalString 1] (Male English)" under the name and description structures, that means the text you entered will only show up in the English version.

I'm not entirely sure how the language properties work, but I'm sure it's easy to add support.

peppeop 09-22-2012 04:12 PM

Thanks a lot
yes! all description and name works!!
But proprietis still does not work.
Really is not important, but ...:rolleyes:

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