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battle111 09-27-2012 10:03 AM

Question abaut kotor on steam ???

Does anybody known's why kotor isn't available for downloading on steam. Yesterday l wonted to check it out but l saw kotor only available to buying it not for download :confused: does anybody known's why l can't download it ???:(:(:confused: l realy wonted to try it out please can someone help:confused:

p.s sorry for the bad english

Dread Advocate 09-27-2012 10:12 AM

Because it's not free. Once you purchase it, it'll download.

battle111 09-27-2012 10:53 AM

Download ????

duster 09-27-2012 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by battle111 (Post 2820121)
Download ????

Yes.You must buy it and then you can download it.

battle111 09-27-2012 11:23 AM

but l saw some ather games for download ???

Dread Advocate 09-27-2012 12:21 PM

They must've been free to play or demos.

battle111 09-27-2012 03:51 PM

Cud be it but still l will try to buy it someday!!!

Bob Saget 09-30-2012 01:30 AM

so buy it then.

The Doctor 09-30-2012 10:58 AM

When you buy a game through Steam, a digital copy is then downloaded to your computer. You don't need to wait for a disc to be delivered or anything of that sort. And you'd have a hard time finding it in a store for less than what Steam is selling it for.

I say buy it from Steam now.

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