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Yukub 10-02-2012 03:46 PM

Gjalt Hegemony - Religion and Mythology
Note: This is the religion and mythology of a alien race I am currently working on. This is purely to tickle my brain to produce something good. More things will be added as time tickles away.

The Gjalt religion is centered around three deities, known as the High Triad. The Triad is changed each decade, with every priest having the right to vote for a deity. The three deities most voted on for the High Triad of that year and have a special place in the Pearl Temple, the most important religious place of the Gjalt. The only deity chosen for every Triad is Aello, the Gjalt goddess of war and bravery, a key element in the Gjalt culture and society.

Other major deities:

Heres: God of the underworld and minor god of war. Popular by necromancers and with some soldiers.
Aphroven: Goddess of love and marriage. Popular by women.
Jaghun: God of the hunt and animals. Popular by both hunters and animal lovers.
Flora: Goddess of nature. Popular by farmers and gardeners.
Nachtangst: God of nightmares, treachery, assassination and god of thieves. Popular by the criminal world and assassins.
Geslag: God of dreams, rest and charity. Popular by the poor.
Achilles: Deified legendary warrior, god of soldiers and fighting. Popular by soldiers.
Rinedom: God of wealth and gold. Popular by bankers and the rich.

Notable mythological events, persons and places:

* Deification of the legendary warrior Achilles. Achilles fought against the now-extinct Trejans, under the banner of the First Hegemony, leading them to many victories. According to legend he was hit in the only weak spot of his body, the heel. This is the reason why the heels and feet of Gjalt soldiers are always thoroughly protected by armor. He was deified and many soldiers worship him as God-General.

* Death of Hades. According to ancient Gjalt writings Hades was a monstrous creature ruling over the underworld who sought to conquer the mortals. He was eventually slain by the hero Heres, who in turn became the god of the Underworld and minor god of war.

* Second Prophet - The second Prophet of the second Hegemony, responsible for many religious and cultural as well as legal institutions. Believed to have had a relationship with Aphroven.

* High Fate - A place high upon a rock used to execute traitors and heretics.

* Bevridia - A legendary woman who fought against alien oppressors and eventually founded the First Hegemony.

* Bridge of Freedom - The bridge where Bevridia declared the First Hegemony and defeated the last outsiders.

* Lucius Vurnius - Priest who threw himself in flames when he heard that he was declared a heretic.

* Gaia - A deity who created everything and created the Titans - mysterious minds the size of moons. The worship of Gaia and the Titans was eventually forgotten and abandoned by the Gjalt, and the Ninth Hegemony eventually forbade the Worship of Gaia.

The leader of the Hegemony are the Prophet and the Lesser Prophets. Each Lesser Prophet represents a god or deity and can become a Prophet when his or her god/deity is chosen in a High Triad. Three Lesser Prophets will then become Prophets and form a triumvirate. The remaining Lesser Prophets form the Moot, having some sort of control while true power remains with the Prophets. In times of emergency the Moot can dispose of the current Prophet(s), but this has never happened.

machievelli 10-05-2012 10:44 PM


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