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Sithspecter 12-01-2012 02:52 PM

Holowan Model Repository
A. General Model Repository Information

The Holowan Model Repository is a place where users can submit models for general usage. These are basically going to be used for a modder's resource. These models can be anything from buildings to blasters to ships and random parts.

This idea came from Xarwarz, kudos to him! :thmbup1:

B. Holowan Model Repository Rules

The Holowan Model Repository is not a place to host a mod. Only models are going to go here. They can be models taken from KotOR and TSL, but porting rules still apply! You may not take a model that has been uploaded to the Repository and use it in a game that does not already contain it! Custom scratch-modeled models may be used in both games.

If you upload a model to here, you are putting it out there for public usage, modification, and distribution. By posting a model here, you are agreeing to allow the model to be publicly used, modified, and distributed without your consent. However, you may specify whether or not credit for a particular model is required in the readme of a finished product.

Also, please do not post unless you are posting a submission! This is a place for resources to go, not to discuss modeling.

C. Holowan Model Repository Submission Guidelines

For now, submission to this thread is going to be open to the public. If you have a model that you'd like to submit, please post it up in this thread!

A. A RAR or ZIP file of the model (preferably in .3ds or .MDL/.MDX format) with textures (if applicable)
B. At least one rendering of the model
C. A statement of whether or not credit will be needed in a finished mod's readme
D. A statement of what game it came from (if applicable)

D. Holowan Model Repository Index

Here I will provide an index of what models we have in the repository. I will try to update it at least once a week.


Marius Fett's Lightsaber Pack



Xarwarz's Telos Props

Marius Fett 12-02-2012 09:21 AM

Well, I posted them in t'other thread, so why not this one?

Ok, here's my contribution to this little gathering of models!

Basically, i'm uploading a small collection of lightsabers that i've made in the past few months that I never got a chance to finish. They're basically just remakes of the lightsabers that were seen in the original Jedi Knight game all those years ago!

Now, you'll notice that i'm offering six hilts here, when there were actually 8 in the original game. (One for each of the seven Dark Jedi and one for Kyle/Rahn).

Well, I never got around to modeling Yun's or Gorc's lightsabers, and at this point, I don't really have the interest to go back and do them, though I may at some point in the future!

Anyway, enough fannying about... Have at 'em!

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

As you can see, some are better looking than others, but overall I think they look decent enough.

I struggled getting decent angles for the renders one some of them though, so if you think you might be interested, download them and take a closer look in Max.

Oh, and they're all in .3ds format, so you shouldn't have any trouble opening them. :)


They're free for anyone to use, so long as they provide due credit.

Oh, and they're provided as-is, which means there's no support offered for them. If you're going to download them, i'm assuming you already know what to do. ;)

Xarwarz 12-02-2012 12:35 PM

These are various props from the the TELOS level in TSL. These may help your module constructions. Enjoy


TEL-Droid Station
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Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler


Xarwarz 12-04-2012 04:24 AM


More Models 4 all

From now on ill be organizing Models by category this should make it easier to find what you may be looking for...


Show spoiler



Show spoiler





Xarwarz 12-05-2012 10:40 PM

More Models 4 all

From now on ill be organizing Models by category this should make it easier to find what you may be looking for...


Show spoiler



Phildevil 12-27-2012 07:10 PM

Hey, Xarwarz, your pics have been removed. Can you upload them again?

Luke Ravin 05-26-2013 12:02 PM

Yeah, I would like to see those pictures uploaded again.

supreme kotor 05-26-2013 01:16 PM

I don't think Xarwarz is going to see the post... Theres .jpg's in each of the folder though.

Darth InSidious 02-25-2015 09:35 AM

KotOR & TSL Holocron models and icons

Xarwarz 03-14-2015 02:59 PM

Kool holo items...

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