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Scorge 12-06-2012 06:33 PM

Star Wars: Ascension of the Sith
NOTE: I am going to continue Medieval Conquest, it is not dead!

Star Wars: Ascension of the Sith

Summary: 2000 years before the rise of Darth Vader, a young acolyte of the Sith Academy
has completed her trials through a bloody path. She has become the apprentice of Darth Salvik,
but her future is clouded through the force, so it is up to her to figure out the Dark Secrets of Darth Salvik……


It was 8 months since I first entered the academy, and here I am collecting my own lightsaber from an ancient
sith tomb. Only minutes ago I pierced Vakk with a training saber. Vakk was my rival here at the academy, we
competed with each other ever since we first stepped foot here on Korriban. I would describe him as weak, and ignorant.
However I must focus on the task on hand, I have to return to Darth Salvik with the Star map I have retrieved. The whole
point I am in this tomb is to collect my very own lightsaber and the Star map Darth Salvik has been researching on. I thought
it was pointless while I couldn’t wait to strike him
down when I am ready. I took my holocom and signaled a shuttle to come pick me up and fly me to
the academy. A minute later a shuttle came to pick me up with two imperial troopers.

A moment later we arrived on a landing pad near the academy. I sprinted my way to the academy so I can get
my new task. Darth Salvik was waiting for me at his desk very pleased. “I sensed that you would arrive back, never
mind that blasted Vakk.” I knew that he was rooting for Vakk, he just wanted to please me, which I find weakness in.
“Yes, I killed him in a bloody brawl.” I replied. The whole fight began with warblade clashing until we started using our
body to fight. We punched, and kicked each other until I flipped him over, thus taking my warblade and striking him down.
I took the star map and handed it over to Darth Salvik. “Bow before me, my apprentice.” He demanded. I kneeled down
and replied “I will do thy bidding, my master.” He waited a moment, “Arise.” I pushed myself up to make eye contact
with Darth Salvik. “You must go to Hoth; there I will meet you to do some tasks that are needed. Dismissed.”
I walked out of the room knowing it will not please me when I arrive on Hoth. As I left the academy, I saw a shuttle
waiting for me on a different landing pad that leads to the Imperial Cruiser.

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