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Sithspecter 12-23-2012 05:46 PM

K1: Han Solo as PC
I, for one, would like to see this happen. If somebody would be willing to create a Han Solo head, it would be greatly appreciated!

Dak Drexl 12-24-2012 08:42 PM

Sounds fun to me, I'll see what I can come up with.

Is it possible to use all new geometry? Meaning that I build my own head and then stick it in the game? I remember VP said something about that a while back but I've been out of touch for a while ;)

RPK 12-25-2012 05:56 PM

It could be possible, but kotor have own skeletons like jedi knight series?

Dak Drexl 12-27-2012 12:35 PM

Not sure what you mean - yes, the game models have their own skeletons, but could you explain what you mean?

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