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Yukub 01-02-2013 09:18 AM

Sand and war
I know you're concerned about me, but you shouldn't worry too much. Most of the fighting is hundreds of miles away from the capital. If you take away the violence and bad food it's quite nice here, actually. The planet and it's people have a very rich history. You can see it in the pictures I have attached to the mail. I'm just patrolling around the base along with my old buddy Archie every once in a while, nothing much. Take care of yourselves and the baby. I will talk again as soon as I can.

Lots of love,

John looked at the screen, revised some parts and was finally content. He moved his mouse to the upper left of the screen and clicked on the send button. He had just been a week on Gehen'nan, but already he missed Liza and the child growing in her. He was heartbroken to leave her and fly to a distant and unknown planet, but duty calls. And once it has called it is ruthless.

And why?

The natives of the planet had been oppressed by the very government the Humans had helped to set up. And now the very same government refuses to hand over notorious terrorist Aitago, responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. According to him, the ''Infidels from space'' came to murder the people of their planet and claim it as a colony.

And there was a truth in it.

Because Humans had a liking for both drugs and profits. And you could get both from Gehen'nan. Billions worth of drugs was shipped from the planet every year, right under the nose of the occupation forces.

''John, you coming?'' Said Archie from the doorstep.
''Yeah. It's just-''
''I know. But I'm sure Liza will understand.''
''You're right.''
''Aren't I always?''

John laughed and walked outside with Archie.

machievelli 01-03-2013 09:28 AM


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