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SandyNicole 01-11-2013 01:37 AM

Serroco Thugs and Refugee Woes problem
Hi, I've been recently playing the KOTOR games and I'm currently on the 2nd on Nar Shaddaa. I have the restored content mod installed.

So, in the Refugee sector I help Hussef with the Exchange and Serroco. First I went to the Serroco guys and convinced them to attack the Exchange, so they all left and the journal updated saying they all got wiped out and the Exchange is now weaker. All the Thugs in the area disappeared. After, I went to the Exchange area, freed the little girl from the Saquesh guy and then convinced Saquesh to give the refugees more space. I go back to Hussef and he's happy I freed the girl so I get a reward, then he says that if I could take care of the Serroco it'd be appreciated... So, wth? I already did and now I notice the journal says that the Exchange has given them space but the Serroco are still a nuisance?

Anybody knows what's up with that? I got the quest rewards and all from each event but now it seems that the journal reverted to saying the Serroco are still around when they are not and Hussef still asks for help regarding them. Is there a way to fix with the editor or do something about it? I don't wanna have Refugee Woes and Serroco Thugs stuck in my journal log forever. :S

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