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The Cow King 01-23-2013 05:30 PM

Star Forge Robes Without Mask & Cape?
How do I do it? I've been trying for hours but I really don't have any modding experience with kotor nor do I want to study 100 hours to make it happen.

I'd like to have white Star Forge Robes (that look like this, except without the mask), preferably a FEMALE version, and preferably in a way that they simply replace/override the normal Star Forge Robes you get in the game.

If someone could post a noob friendly, step-by-step guide on how to achieve this the easiest way possible, that'd be great, thanks. I'm surprised it hasn't already been done tbh.

P.S. - I know how to use Kotor Tool, edit .2da, scripting etc... I just don't understand how the whole model/item system works (or how to do what I explained above).

Rtas Vadum 01-23-2013 07:43 PM

There is this mod here, which both removes the cape from the Revan model, and fixes the force power issue - http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef...out_Cape;89911. It does include a more "feminine" version of the robes as well.

As you see in the picture, there are three models the game uses, a Male, Female, and a Masked version(pretty much the Male Model with a mask). But in the normal game, these models are only used in one place(shown during the Revelation cutscene), and it isn't a wearable item.

The model the game uses for the Darth Revan/Star Forge Robes is a stripped version, meaning that it lacks the belt, cape, and the hood. The mod comes with the files labeled as DarthRevan.mdl,DarthRevanM,mdl, and DarthRevanF.mdl. To use these in place of the stripped model, the Appearance.2da needs to be edited, for all of the player lines.

To do this, you have to edit the two J columns, i.e ModelJ and TexJ. For the Model J column, edit the entries for lines 91-135 to DarthRevanF. For lines 136-180, edit the entries to DarthRevanM(although this is somewhat optional if you only use a female character). For the TexJ column, edit the entires for lines 91-180 to DarthRevan(although doing this requires that you have a texture mod to add in a texture[like this one:KotORFiles Link] for the Star Forge Robes, since using the game's default, will have the belt and cape not look so good).

The Cow King 01-24-2013 03:54 AM

After seeing the 'J' column in appearance.2da and a bit of google, I got it to work by copying and renaming the female .mdl & .mdx files from K1's Fixed Revan Robes to PFBJS, PFBJM and PFBJL.

Then after a brief skim of the holowan stickies I figured out the texture used by the Star Forge robes (PMBJ02), and got it to work, plus now I can easily switch between textures to see which I like the best.

Super awesome.

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