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Tyler Hartman 02-15-2013 06:59 AM

Macgyvur Modder
Its been a long long time since i lost internet to my pc and havent been able to update anything since. The fact that i am able to log in and post messages here is a miracle with a prepaid phone (I cant even look at a wiki page! Nooooooo!) Skipping to the point it seems ill be getting it back (hopefully soon) and have a simple party reskin package and a simple reskin of the jedi robe ready for upload once im up and running. They are both low standards compared to the massive and clean cut mods of the experienced modders here but i thought uploading them might be useful or enjoyable for someone. Anyone can alter them though and reupload them without permission. Once i get a connection back i can get more mod tools and get better yaaaay. P.S: Never buy a samsung gusto 2 they are the worst i tell ya, the worst!

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