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jooeph 02-22-2013 05:40 AM

Help with Solomen's Revenge
I've run into a problem with Solomen's Revenge. I'm at the point where Shadow is back on the Orion and has just had a discussion with the captain. You're told to help repel a Republic boarding party, the game loads and then just goes into a black screen! You can hear gunfire and see the cursor but nothing else! I've tried a new game save (which has worked with past problems) but it's not working this time. Now, I've already download a patch for Solomen's Revenge earlier and hoped it would take care of most if not all the reported bugs in the mod but I see that's not the case here. Has anyone run into this and can help me out I would REALLY like to play out this game?!

.:Lord Revan:. 02-22-2013 10:26 AM

I think i did the first go around, but i dont remeber what i did lol
I think i either did an earlier save tried it again, or i just uninstalled and reinstalled the mod.
But first what other mods do you have, and second check your Solomons Revenge and the Solomons Revenge Patch's TSLPatchdata installlog, and make sure it says at the end "Done. All changes have been applied."

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