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motoma197 03-15-2013 06:12 AM

A few questions
Hi, my name is Matthew, 17, from Geelong, Australia. I just had a few questions regarding TSL. I do have experience modding other games although TSL is unlike those entirely. I have downloaded the kotor tool and I understand basic item editing. Anyways, on to my questions:
1. One thing that has always irritated me with TSL is the DC system, for example, Miras piercing dart has a DC 10 for no effect, there isnt a single enemy in the game that will fail that save at that point in the game, how do I change this? it isnt in the template>items I don't think
2. The same idea with the droid toxin emitter, DC 10 for no effect, the hell? Any way to change this?
3. Grenades are useless after a certain point in the game, is there a way to scale this? Like 1-10 damage for each 5 character levels or 1-8 for each 5 points in demolitions? and the DC of these is also ridiculous.
4. For weapon attribute damage/stun I have had more luck, using the kotor tool I was able to change these to more appropriate values, still DC 22 is very low and the next option is 100 which I dont like. Is there a possibility to introduce a DC 30 or character level+5 for example? The same goes for item upgrades here :/
5. Is there any way to change the DC of an item to 5+character level+attribute modifier?
6. I downloaded the bao durs charged armor mod, I love it but 30/- damage resistance universal was a bit too much so i changed it to 15 and the game frashes when I try and add it in (cheat)
7. One last thing, Atton and Mira have a glitch when energy shields are activated, they drag an inert version of their body behind them, the shield moves as usual but the body is outside in its inert form, what is this due to? The only mods i have are tslrcm and its m4 78 add on, invisible headgear, achilles autobalance mod, the tslrcm admiralty compatible mod.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thankyou!! XD

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