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CaptainCrazy 03-20-2013 02:16 PM

Does anybody need a 3D model artist?
I recently re-installed Jedi Academy after sadly finding out that i prefer it to Force Unleashed :raise:

Anyhoo i was wondering if anybody or any team out there, that reads this forum, would be interested in a 3D model artist such as myself, to help them with their game mods/maps?

I have about 12 years experience both as a model artist and working on mods for 3 different games engines. I can texture pretty well and also animate to a reasonable standard if needed. I don't know much, if anything, about importing meshes into this game/engine but am willing to do my research if pointed in the right direction.

I can provide images of my work, if requested, but for the moment i am merely inquiring about the matter :thmbup1:

Roguesquadron 04-04-2013 10:36 PM

Hi there :) I dunno if you've read my post earlier. I'm planning in about two months time to start working on what is essentially a very extensive total conversion for either Jedi academy or outcast (whichever is easier) to convert it to an original Indiana jones game. I do sound and music personally and am dreading map-making and can't use radiant to save my life. Would you be interested in something like this? I'd need character models, maps, vehicles, weapons models... Something to do in the summer right? I have a number of textures but if you can texture as well that'd be great :)

kingbelly000 09-01-2014 09:40 AM

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