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battle111 03-22-2013 10:49 AM

Star Wars Rise of the Gallactic Empire
Star Wars

Rise of the Gallactic Empire

It was ten years after the fall of the old Republic.The Republic has been reorginazed as the first Gallactic Empire and now all countless planets are under threat as the Gallactic Empire gets closer in conquering the Galaxy and soon the Empire will finnish building the Death Star a devasting battle station capable in destroying an all entyre planet but meanwyle the evil Emperor Phalpatine has got information from his spys that there is a hostile planet Fondor near the Tyfeera system with heavy arm defences and hight class weoaponry the Emperor sences that there is a resistance on the planet that must be silencen. The Emperor tasked his aprentice Darth Vader to find out what is the source of this resistance and but the end to it.Vader arrived at the planet and landed on the planet Colonel Veers a hight class Empire field commander reported to Vader that there is hidden Pirate base that doesn't wan't this planet to be ruled by the Empire and that Pirate base fully armed and it's supported by the locals of this planet Vader ordered Colonel Veers to begin an attack on the pirate base The Empire land all of it's forces and marched at the pirate base the leaders of the base had found out that the Empire is marching to there base the pirates tryed to defend their base they set some fully armed turrets but the Empire's At-At walkers were to strong againts them so they blasted the turrets the pirates sent all of their infantry units and vechiles to stop the Empire from destroying their base and a huge battle began at planet Fondor.The pirate leaders wrectless strategy backfired killing all of their men and now even one of the pirate leaders contacted Darth Vader to disques the terms of surrender but Vader didn't agreed so he and forces mascared the pirate's base by killing all of their units Vader has arrived at pirates command center and he executed all of the pirate leaders and so now after the pirate resistance the locals of planet Fondor decided to join the Empire becoz they were afraid that Empire will destroy their home and so now the Empire has toked down planet Fondor.


This is a story beetween Episode III and Episode IV

l hope everyone will like this story becoz l was planing all month and l finaly writen it and please tell if it still needs some improments thank's.:)

battle111 03-22-2013 10:53 AM

l tryed writing more what was hapening when the Empire began their Imperial invasion at Fondor

duster 03-22-2013 12:49 PM

I noticed some minor errors like commas missing and the time being wrong on few words but overal it's great!:D

machievelli 03-22-2013 11:00 PM


battle111 03-23-2013 03:07 AM

l known this story might be to short but l was only trying to write more abaut this invasion hey l even writen why did The Emperor wonted the pirate base destroyed

and so is this story good machievelli

P.S l'm now checking my spelling

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