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Tyler Hartman 04-04-2013 05:43 PM

Simple Party Reskin 1.0
Before you get your hopes up these mods are just low grade reskins, I stopped modding KotOR for a while now and thought maybe someone could find use in it. I cant upload any pics at this time because I lost my game save files, but will upload some later hopefully.

These mods alter the looks of every party member found in-game. I included an extra 2 mods that i was dinkin' around with at the time. Even though the "White Fire Robes" are low in quality it's the only mod I actually spent some good time on (procrastination and being lazy is bad m'kay?) so I hope someone finds use to that.

The main purpose of me uploading this is because anyone and everyone can alter and re-upload these mods.

The party reskins:

The original robe alteration:


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