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Havoc Stryphe 04-22-2013 11:50 AM

Excuse me while I wax reminiscent
Ah yes, the Off topic Forum. I remember you, even if I may have passed from your memory. You look different then I remember, and you've moved around a bit, but as I read through your threads this place becomes distinctly more familiar and as the memories flood back, I begin to pine for the old place. Most of all, it was the family that gathered here I miss. Those members who I considered my online family. I think back to the great debates, the stories and the discussions we shared. We may not have agreed on all things, but in all things we respected each other. Yes, this was my home, and those that shared it with me were my family. Know this, despite my absence over the years, I have never forgotten you. Many things that were spoken here, in this great place, have gone on to help me in many ways in my life for which I will remain forever grateful, and I will never forget you. For all the wonderful memories, you have my eternal thanks.

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