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supreme kotor 06-09-2013 07:41 PM

Your reaction to a short story
Well for school I need to get at least twenty people's opinions on a short story (I have 9 right now) so I am calling on you guys for help. The story can be found here. All you have to do is read it and then awnser a few short questions, if you could just awnser the questions in this thread that would be great.

1) just a simple yea or no question did you like the story?

2)If you had to use one word to sum up the story what would it be?

3)Please summarize the story in under a paragraph.

4)What was the dominant theme in your opinion.

5)What education level do you personaly have? (If you don't feel comfortable with this one just skip it, it's not too big of a deal.) Ex: High School, Undergraduate, etc...

Thanks a million-Supreme Kotor

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