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Sithspecter 06-19-2013 12:03 PM

Mass Module Reskinning
Guys, one of the more tedious things to do in this game is reskin lots of modules. What I hope to do in this thread is share tips on how to do it more easily.

Something that I've learned is that if you are going to be skinning a lot of modules, set up a master folder for the MDL, MDX, lightmaps, .etc. In these folders, extract the entire set of, for example, models. Then, when you want to reskin a module, simply open that folder, and search for the designation, for example, m26ad. Instead of having to extract each one individually, you will be able to copy all of them for hex-editing.

Also, the Rename Master:

You can rapidly rename hundreds of files. It will save you hours.

Post any tips you have for shortening the module-reskin process.

Canderis 06-19-2013 12:19 PM

Double click in kotor tool on the .mdl files for the area to extract all the textures needed for that mdl file. Do that for all of the files to make sure you have all the textures.

Sithspecter 06-19-2013 12:26 PM

I do the same thing, and I will do a mass extract for all the models in the module. It does make getting the textures easier.

Apoc Nizmith 06-19-2013 12:46 PM

Tell me you are re-skinning Dantooine it may get that stupid sky bug to go the hell away... *GRUMBLES* "stupid jerky, can't move like walking in tar while I try and kill kath hounds... YOU MUST DIE!!!..." okie feels better now lol

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