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Malxados 06-20-2013 05:12 PM

Most useful new tutorials?
It seems to be a bit of a theme lately that more (or updated) tutorials might be quite useful, especially to newer modders; even if older tutorials are fine, some may have come up with other techniques that may be easier or work better. So, my question to the community is: are there any tutorials you would like to see made (or wish you had had access to in the past, even though you may not personally need them)?

And, especially to the more experienced modders, would anyone be up for writing or helping with a tutorial? Or is anyone currently working on one?

I love the fact that this community is still operating, and the more welcoming we can be to newer modders hopefully the longer the community's life-span =)

supreme kotor 06-20-2013 05:34 PM

I am currently making a tutorial called: "The full making of a mod by supreme kotor"

Firstly I am recreating Marius Fett's (Yes I have permission) tutorial about how to make a area.

Then I am adding in multiple different things that are good for new people to know. My tutorial will cover all of these things:

The making of a .mod
All the extracting from Kotor Tool Ex: easy ways to get textures etc.
The resking of an area using the Override folder.
And using a script to spawn other things within your area.
The reskining of a NPC using apperance.2da

This will be my tutorial on how to start modding that I hope everyone will enjoy.

-Supreme Kotor

Apoc Nizmith 06-20-2013 05:50 PM

Just posted a updated one on how to create custom pcs. Also a new editing images with gimp is in the works, but I have to get this mod into tlsinstaller and do images for release, also has been requested that images be added to my tut I just posted so yeah. But A updated scripting would be nice, as well as a possible adding of npcs would be nice? tat was me saying PLZ really nicely. lol

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