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gristly 08-07-2013 09:10 PM

Malak Battle Help
So, I'm in the process of fighting Malak right now (the final time), and so far through a process of saving every time he expends a captured jedi and then healing through the start menu, I have got him with no heals left. However, I also have no healing items, and I've expended all of my force meter using Heal. I saved right at this point. I'm giving a list of what I've got with me, and hopefully someone will be able to give me some advice. I've gotten through the rest of the game without using the 'net at all, but I've tried this a good 40 times now, and I'd like to finish this.

My Force Powers (although my force is empty):
Heal, Burst of Speed, Stasis Field, Disable Droid, Force Wave (and dominate mind, but that doesn't really apply)

Qel Droma Robes (I had Juhani wearing the star forge robes ::)
10 5/5 Sith Shields
Sith Power Gauntlets
Retinal Combat Implant (immunity to critical hits)
Stabilizer Mask

Also I have the thingy on my status bar thing for full light side, although I don't know what that does. I have a pretty much unlimited supply of the hyper form of all stims, except for battle stims, of which I have 5 regular versions. Also, over 10 of every form of grenade, including thermal dets. Master Critical Strike is my only real good attack.

So that's it, I hope you guys can help :raise:


Killed him! Ran in large circles around the area while my force recharged, using Heal as I went, then used Force Wave repeatedly on him as even if it doesn't knock him back, it does a guaranteed 13 damage (probably different depending on your character) every time. When I ran out of force, I just repeated the process. Wasn`t the funnest way to beat him, but it worked. Now I`m off to play TSL!

milestails 08-07-2013 10:12 PM

Yeah I usually have Adv. Throw Lightsaber with me at this point.

Cast it on all the suspended Jedi at the start of the battle so his regeneration is neutralized.

As far as combat is concerned, I attack him with fully upgraded lightsaber(s) for short periods of time. Once I get a few good strikes in, I run away using Master Speed so I can use medpacks to replenish health.

So basically my strategy looks like this:

Neutralize Suspended Jedi
Attack with a few strikes
Run away
Replenish health

....until he dies!

Ensure that you use TSLRCM for KotOR II!

Rtas Vadum 08-07-2013 11:25 PM

The easiest way to deal with Malak is to deal with the captured Jedi as soon as possible, meaning after he drains the first one, deal with the rest before you actually fight him. I usually play a darkside character, so It's either Drain Life or Death Field.

With a Jedi character, I think there is a power that will work the same way. Force Breach/Suppression, I think it's called.

At first, the only way I found somewhat easy was to use a double-bladed saber, with a Upari and Krayt Dragon pearl. Most likely in addition to the above.

KotorNerder 10-07-2013 09:00 AM

Lol I just had a saber fight and won :D

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